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How to Buy Cheap NBA Tickets
1.) Pay No Fees
By far, the easiest way to save money on NBA tickets is by avoiding high fees. Unbeknownst to most fans, many resale ticket sites add on hidden fees of anywhere from 10% to 25% at checkout. These companies will try to draw your attention away from their crazy high fees by not showing them to you until checkout, or trying to get you to focus on their discount and loyalty programs, which usually give a small percent of each order back on future orders (i.e. If you spend $100 on this order, you get $5 off a future order).
There are two very important caveats to these discount and loyalty programs:
A.) The discount is only applicable toward future orders. If you are looking to save on tickets that you want to buy soon, and you don't already have a coupon code, most of these loyalty and discount programs won't be able to help you.
B.) These discount and loyalty codes are only good for a small portion off the total ticket price. In other words, what is 2% or 5% off really worth when they're charging you 10 to 20% just to buy tickets from them?
So, what's the alternative? They are called "no fees tickets", and they are, without a doubt, the number one best way to save money on NBA tickets. Unlike other ticket marketplaces, TickPick has no hidden fees or commissions. While other companies will charge you upwards of 15% for buying tickets from them, we only markup the tickets on our site 10%.
2.) Compare Events
What's great about buying NBA tickets, is that, as long as you are not too partial about which particular game you're going to attend, you can use TickPick's "Compare Events" feature to see which night has the cheapest tickets. Use the links above to find the team you want to buy tickets for, then click the checkbox next to each night you would be able to go to a game. After that, click the "Compare Events" just to the upper-right of the ticket listings. The next page may take a minute to load because it is compiling and analyzing so many ticket listings, but once it loads, you will be able to see the best deals and the cheapest seats across all the nights you selected. Many times the costs are the same, but we have personally seen savings of up to 20% by using this one feature alone.
3.) Play the Market
The secondary market is a lot like the stock market: timing is everything. During the NBA season, average NBA ticket prices one month in advance of a game are roughly $100 each. Generally, NBA ticket prices decrease gradually as game day approaches: three days before the game, tickets will have decreased in price by 30%, and in the last 24 hours ticket prices will decrease (on average) by an additional 5%. Thus, we believe the best time to buy cheap NBA tickets is three to seven days prior to game day. This is because NBA tickets are almost at their lowest prices, yet there is still a large amount of tickets to choose from.
However, if you don't feel like watching NBA ticket prices like a stock broker, you can set a bid for tickets in the sections you are interested in. Here at TickPick, we flip the script and allow you to tell sellers what price you are willing to pay for tickets. If you are looking for a deal, hoping to buy the absolute cheapest tickets, or are thinking about buying tickets but only if they drop to the right price, then bidding on tickets is for you. On the other hand, if you are risk-averse, are dead-set on going the game, concert, or show, or are buying tickets for a special event such as a birthday or anniversary, then bidding on tickets is not for you. Check out TickPick's Bidding Tutorial to learn how you can save money by telling sellers what price you're willing to pay.
4.) Score a Discount
I know that telling you to score a discount may seem to contradict what I just said earlier when I told you to beware of discount and loyalty programs. And allow me to be very clear about this: Getting a coupon for 5% off is no excuse for paying 10 to 20% in fees. But, if you are already purchasing from a no fees ticket site, and they're offering a discount for an extra couple bucks off the price of your tickets, why not go for it? Since these companies already have super-low margins, you may be hard pressed to find a discount code, but these sites will generally use such an offer to incentivize you to take some "leading" action. In TickPick's case, we give you up to $20 off the price of your ticket when you sign up on this page.
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