Mercedes Benz Superdome
Mercedes Benz Superdome

Mercedes Benz Superdome Seating Chart & Ticket Info

Below you will find detailed seating charts for Football games and concerts at the New Orleans Superdome. Select your desired Superdome interactive seating chart on the right hand side. Then hover over the Superdome seating chart for row number information. You'll also find great tips on the Mercedes Benz Superdome along the right hand side. Tips include details regarding how to know which seats are on the aisle (seat numbers matter), hows the rows work, where you want to sit (and don't want to sit) and information on club seats. Lastly, don't forget, if you are looking for New Orleans Superdome tickets, TickPick is the one place where you can buy tickets WITHOUT paying any Service Fees.

Mercedes Benz Superdome
Where Not to sit Within the Superdome Seating ChartIf you are frequent New Orleans Saints attendee then you would know that sitting within the first couple of rows at the new Superdome, would be one of the worst choices you can make. Although the first couple rows are typically consider the best seats, these seats will leave your wallet feeling empty and your eyes craving an unobstructed view. The face value of every row in the Plaza Club Sideline seats is the same, doesn't that sound weird? Row 1 or row 36 on the 50 yard line is the same price. That's because the higher up you are (in the 100s sideline seats) the better overall seat view you are going to have to watch the Saints play.Detailed Superdome Seating InfoIn all of the sections at the Superdome the number of seat numbers varies by row. With that said, the average number of seats per a row is 20 seats, and no row has more than 26 seats. Although the interactive Superdome seating chart is not drawn to exact scale, it is a replica and the sizes of each section are indicative of the number of rows per a section and seats per a row. If you have a specific question about the Saints seating chart, ask in the comments below.Superdome Seating Chart With RowsTo easily see the number of rows per a section, just hover over the interactive Mercedes Benz Superdome Seating Chart. Note you will see most sections in the 100s have 35 rows (the 36 row is wheelchair accessible seating). The first row in the 200s sections is row 1 and the last row is row 4, however, the 300s sections is pretty much an extension of the 200s and the first row of the 300s is row 5 and the last row is 17. The same situation exists in the 500s and 600s, typically starting at row 1 then going to row 6 (in the 500s), then row 7 to 36 or all the way up to row 43 in some of the 600s. However, the endzone sections row numbers at the Superdome are slightly different, with some sections as few as 21 rows. SuperDome Seating Chart With Seat NumbersThe Superdome Seating configuration follows a simple pattern when it comes to seat numbers. The lower seat numbers are always closer to the section next to it with a lower section number, and vice versa. For example, seat 1 in section 142 is on the aisle next to section 141, and seat number 22 in section 142 is on the aisle next to section 143. Note other sections in the 100s such as 144, 145, 111, 112, 116, 117, 139 and 140 have 24 seats per a row.New Orleans Superdome Club SeatingAt the New Orleans Superdome, sections 111-117 and 139-145 have access to the bunker clubs on the Plaza Level. There is North Plaza Club room and a South Plaza Club Room. The North Plaza Club is located on the Mezzanine Level of Gate A, and the South Plaza Club room is located on the Plaza Level near Gate D. The North Plaza Club has more high class food options, as guests can choose from a rotating menu of Slow Roasted Prime Rib, Kobe Beef Sliders, Blackened Catfish, Slow-Smoked Pork Carnitas, Crab Cake Sliders, Muffalettas, Braised Pork Ossobucco,and much more. The South Plaza Club has food that is more of tailgate variety, which includes wings, burgers, and hot dogs among others. Each club has access to countless televisions with NFL Red Zone channel and a full service bar as well. All ticket holders that are granted access to the Plaza Clubs will have access to the Loge Level Club rooms before the game (until kickoff) and after (until 1 hour after game concludes).
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Mercedes Benz Superdome Ticket Policy Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at Mercedes Benz Superdome would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the Mercedes Benz Superdome seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent Questions about Mercedes Benz Superdome seating? Ask away!

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FriJul 4 TBDMercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LAFrom $825FALSE
FriJul 46:30 PMMercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LAFrom $99FALSE
SatJul 56:30 PMMercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LAFrom $90FALSE
SunJul 66:30 PMMercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LAFrom $131FALSE
SatJul 12 TBDMercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LAFrom $173FALSE
SunJul 13 TBDMercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LAFrom $68FALSE
ThuAug 28 TBDMercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LAFALSE
FriAug 29 TBDMercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LAFrom $1210FALSE
ThuSep 257:00 PMMercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LAFrom $74FALSE
ThuJan 1 TBDMercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LAFALSE

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