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How to Buy Cheap MLB Tickets
1.) Beware of Fees
By far, the easiest way to save money on MLB tickets is by avoiding high fees. Unbeknownst to most fans, many resale ticket sites add on hidden fees of anywhere from 10% to 25% at checkout. These companies will try to draw your attention away from their crazy high fees by not showing them to you until checkout, or trying to get you to focus on their discount and loyalty programs, which usually give a small percent of each order back on future orders (i.e. If you spend $100 on this order, you get $5 off a future order).
There are two very important caveats to these discount and loyalty programs:
A.) The discount is only applicable toward future orders. If you are looking to save on tickets that you want to buy soon, and you don't already have a coupon code, most of these loyalty and discount programs won't be able to help you.
B.) These discount and loyalty codes are only good for a small portion off the total ticket price. In other words, what is 2% or 5% off really worth when they're charging you 10 to 20% just to buy tickets from them?
So, what's the alternative? They are called "no fees tickets", and they are, without a doubt, the number one best way to save money on tickets. Unlike other ticket marketplaces, TickPick has no hidden fees or commissions. While other companies will charge you upwards of 15% for buying tickets from them, we only markup the tickets on our site 10%.
2.) Score a Discount
I know that telling you to score a discount may seem to contradict what I just said earlier when I told you to beware of discount and loyalty programs. And allow me to be very clear about this: Getting a coupon for 5% off is no excuse for paying 10 to 20% in fees. But, if you are already purchasing from a no fees ticket site, and they're offering a discount for an extra couple bucks off the price of your tickets, why not go for it? Since these companies already have super-low margins, you may be hard pressed to find a discount code, but these sites will generally use such an offer to incentivize you to take some "leading" action. In TickPick's case, we give you up to $20 off the price of your ticket when you sign up on this page.
3.) Name Your Price
Naming your price is another big way you could save 5-10% off the price of your tickets. Here at TickPick, we flip the script and allow you to tell sellers what price you are willing to pay for tickets. If you are looking for a deal, hoping to buy the absolute cheapest tickets, or are thinking about buying tickets but only if they drop to the right price, then bidding on tickets is for you. On the other hand, if you are risk-averse, are dead-set on going the game, concert, or show, or are buying tickets for a special event such as a birthday or anniversary, then bidding on tickets is not for you. Check out TickPick's Bidding Tutorial to learn how you can save money by telling sellers what price you're willing to pay.
4.) Go During the Week
Ticket prices for MLB games vary drastically based upon the day of the game. On average tickets for weekend games are 22% more expensive than weekday games and Saturday's are on average 14% more than Sunday games. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest weekday games: on average, tickets are 10% less on Tuesday or Wednesday versus the rest of the weekday games.
5.) Procrastinate Like a Champion
Beware, ye expert money-savers. This is the most dangerous path of all! But, like its less-piratey counterparts, it has the potential to give you huge savings on your favorite baseball tickets. This is not a hard and fast rule, but generally, ticket prices on the secondary market will drop by significant amounts within 2-6 days of the event. For all but the most popular events, sellers will often cut their prices within this time frame in the hopes of at least making some money off their tickets. Just like with bidding on tickets, however, if you are dead-set on going to an event or if you are buying tickets to celebrate something special, then waiting until the last minute to buy tickets is highly unadvisable. Suffice to say that the more important the event is to you, the earlier you should buy tickets. But, if you just want to kick it and have a good time, you can find some amazing last-minute deals.
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