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Upcoming at Abraham Chavez Theatre
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Urban Cowboy Reunion: Mickey Gilley & Johnny Lee

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General Venue Information

The Abraham Chavez Theater in El Paso, Texas is an intimate venue, so regardless of where you're sitting you're going to have a great time. There are three Levels to the Abraham Chavez Theater. From closest to the stage to farthest: the Orchestra, Grand Tier, and Flying Balcony.

Detailed Row Information

In the Orchestra, rows are labeled from A to R, in the Grand Tier: A to S, and in the Flying Balcony A to H. In the Flying Balcony and Grand Tier aim for a seat as close to row A as possible. For the Orchestra I???d recommend a few rows back from A to avoid being too close to the stage

Abraham Chavez Theater Seat Numbers

Unlike a lot of smaller venues that can have confusing seating arrangements, the Abraham Chavez Theater is pretty intuitive. There's only 1 section per level of seating, which makes figuring out your seat that much easier. Seat number 1 is always located on the farthest right side of the section when facing the stage. Seat numbers ascend, hitting every number (not by evens or odds), from right to left. Generally speaking, there are between 45 and 60 seats per a row, so a seat around 20 in the lower rows of each section is closest to the center, and in the higher rows you'd want to sit closer to seat 30 for a center seat.

Abraham Chavez Theatre Ticket Policy

Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at Abraham Chavez Theatre would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the Abraham Chavez Theatre seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent.

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