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Knotfest Roadshow: Slipknot

From $67+
Barclays Center - Brooklyn, NY
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Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero

From $106+
Barclays Center - Brooklyn, NY
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New York Liberty vs. Indiana Fever

From $51+
Barclays Center - Brooklyn, NY
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Justin Bieber

From $288+
Barclays Center - Brooklyn, NY
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New York Liberty vs. Minnesota Lynx

From $52+
Barclays Center - Brooklyn, NY
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Where is the Nets Bench Located?

The Nets bench is in front of section 7, while the visitors bench is in front of section 9.

200s Sections at The Barclays Center

The pitch of the 200s is steep but this arena was built with basketball and concerts in mind, and even though you are in the 200s, the design helps bring fans closer to the action. Most rows have 18 seats (but not all) and as stated above, seat #1 is closer to the lower section number and seat #18 is closer to the higher section number. Most rows in sections 222 to 225 and 206 to 210 have 26 seats per a row in Barclays Center. The exception is a couple rows between row 3 (and maybe row 2) through row 7, which have between 12 and 20 seats. Every other row in these sections has 26 seats in a row. The seating charts provided can be misleading, as the corner sections look undesirable and awkward, however that is not the case and the angle and design make these seats equally as attractive as the rest of the 200s. For concerts, look for great deals in sections 3-6 and 26-29, which appear to be obstructed (but are not, unless they are specifically marked partial or obstructed view). Also, be sure to check out sections 203-205 and 227-229, as these are limited view seats or side view, but are not fully obstructed.

100s Sections at The Barclays Center

The 100s sections are practically right above sections 1 to 31, so although they are higher up, the difference can be marginal (when comparing the higher seat numbers in section 1 to 31 to the 100s). However, the difference between the 100s and 200s is very significant. This is because the suites are in between the two tiers, thus giving the 100s a huge advantage.

Seat Numbers at the Barclays Center

When looking for Brooklyn News, New York Islanders, or concert tickers for the Barclays Center, it's important to know that seat #1 is always closer to the adjacent section with the lower section number. For example, seat #1 in section 24 is on the aisle next to section 23 and seat #1 in section 223 is closer to section 222.

All Access Tickets and Ice Passes

If you're looking for additional amenities for Brooklyn Nets tickets, look for ones marked as "All Access" in the seller notes, so you will know which ones include all you can eat and drink (non-alcoholic beverages). Most tickets in section 6 to 10 and 22 to 26 come with one of these two options. Sections 106 to 11 and 122-126 can also include all access. It's important to know that not all tickets in the "all access" sections include these amenities, as season ticket holders have the option of opting out of that feature to reduce the cost. Similar to All Access tickets for Nets games, the Islanders Ice Passes are loaded tickets with all you can eat food and non-alcoholic beverages. These Ice Passes are more limited than the Nets version of the premium tickets, and are available only in sections 7 through 9, 23 through 25, 107 through 109, and 123 through 125.

Barclays Center Ticket Policy

Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at Barclays Center would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the Barclays Center seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent.