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Bidding Overview Not many people know it's possible to bid on tickets for sports, concerts and other live events, but it is. Just like how you can bid on airline tickets or hotels with Priceline, you can bid on concerts, sports, and event tickets with TickPick. But bidding on tickets isn't for everyone. Risk averse? Wear a helmet in the shower in case you might slip? Afraid to . . . Because . . . ? Then bidding probably isn't for you. Some of us here at TickPick share that sentiment: if you are that fan, we recommend that you purchase tickets at our already cheap prices, and the pony express will deliver them to you on time, guaranteed. However, if you are the savvy soccer mom, deal finder, day trader, college student, sports fanatic, or live music lover, then you are going to love TickPick's bidding platform. Video Tutorial: How to Bid on Tickets In which scenario should you bid on tickets? There are numerous occasions when you should bid on tickets, such as when you are: 1. Looking for a deal
2. Looking to buy the absolute cheapest tickets
3. Contemplating on going to an event if you can get decent seats at a decent price
4. Unsure if you want to go, or can't afford to go at the given ticket prices
In Which Scenario Should You Buy Tickets Buying tickets outright may be better in the following scenarios: 1. You have found your dream seats.
2. You need tickets close to friends or family already attending an event.
3. You are only willing to sit in a few select rows in a particular section.
4. You are 100% set on attending an event.
Changing the Game When you bid for tickets on TickPick, there is no more scrambling to find the cheapest tickets. We turn the tables around and let sellers know that there's a buyer willing to buy tickets (within the section(s) that you selected) at the prices that you set. With TickPick's bidding platform you can select one price for all of your selected section(s) or you can enter a price for the best and worst seat in the sections you choose. When you set a high and low bid, our awesome deal-finding algorithms set a different bid price for each seat in your selection � all to deliver you with the best bargain possible! If today's prices are too high for your liking, bidding is the perfect solution Ticket prices and the available inventory often hit a sweet spot three to ten days before the event. Rather than checking back constantly to see when prices have dropped to your level, set a bid, and let us notify you when they come down or when a seller has hit your bid. When Bidding on Tickets, the Best Technology Gets You the Best Deals When you use TickPick's unique bidding platform, you are guaranteed to get the best deals as soon as they are available. TickPick has a process that continuously checks thousands of ticket listings against your bid. If it's within striking distance a deal is made instantly, insuring you, the bidder, get the best deal when a seller lowers their price. Strategies for Bidding on Sports and Concert Tickets Bidding on tickets can be like running a 40 meter dash or a marathon. Depending on your end goal will determine your strategy. Are you just looking to scrape a couple bucks off your ticket prices, or are you hoping to win the ticket lottery and watch ticket prices get cut in half before your eyes? Are you buying tickets for the event of the year, or are you looking for a cheap, fun night out, and just about anything will do? These questions are crucial and will determine the winning strategy that will give you the experience you want. Scraping Off the Top If you are definitely going to go to the event, but just want to see if you can scrape a couple bucks off your ticket prices, a shorter bid time is for you. The experts at this strategy set their bid to expire in 10-12 hours, and set their bid price ~10% below what similar tickets are listed for. Lottery Approach If you are hoping to get your ticket prices cut in half, then welcome to the ticket lottery. This strategy is reserved for events you are not attached to. The best part is playing the lottery on TickPick is free. The experts at the Lotto Approach typically: A. Bid on lots of sections in similar star ratings (4&5 or 1&2)
B. Keep the bid live until hours before the event.
C. Set prices around 30% below what similar tickets are listed for.
Discounts of 30% are typically seen when comparing ticket prices two to three days before the event verses ticket prices in the weeks and months in advance. And although not guaranteed, the steepest discounts (sometimes greater than 50%) are seen just hours before the event. This is even possible for sold out concerts and sporting events. What should you do if your bid expires? If your bid is close to what similar tickets are going for and your bid is close to expiring, consider pushing your bid expiration date back. If you have a good bid, a seller will most likely take you up on your offer. Of course, this is subject to external factors, such as the popularity of the event and how far away the event is, so bid wisely. If your bid has already expired, purchase tickets using our Buy Now option or set a new bid for slightly lower rated sections or for the same sections or for the same sections but with a slightly higher offer. If your bid offer is more than 10% less than what similar tickets are going for, then you need to ask yourself, is this event worth the price? If it is, bite the bullet, and buy the tickets. If it's not, sometimes you lose the lottery.