10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Dad

Well, it’s that time of year, where every mom and daughter frets about what to buy for those “unshoppable” fathers. You know who they are, the ones who respond to the question “what do you want for father’s day” with a grunt, shrug of the shoulders. Or they wave it off, and say “I don’t know, a tie, or some socks will do”. No dad, we all know that a pair of socks simply will not do, especially for all of those wonderful, fatherly deeds you’ve done for us this year. So, with just one week between now and the big day, we are here to give some advice. Why not gift your husband or father a pair of tickets to see his favorite band? And if he’s not much of a music fan, what about his favorite team? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a pretty diverse list of events dad can enjoy in NYC this Father’s Day. So, in addition to that medium rare steak and uninterrupted TV time you promised, here are 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for every type of dad.

1. For the “Cool Dad”

Imagine Dragons LiveImagine Dragons @ Barclays: June 30, 2015

Does your dad think he’s cool? Well, then he’d love a pair of tickets to see Imagine Dragons on their “Smoke + Mirrors 2015 Tour”. In promotion of their sophomore album, Imagine Dragons is taking their high energy production to venues across the country. According to recent concert reviews, Imagine Dragons are using everything they’ve got to woo fans, including many lasers, flashy visuals, anthem-style vocals, and climactic productions of their biggest singles (aka Radioactive). If you have a “cool dad”, he will definitely get a kick out of this concert. WARNING: Headbanging can result in neck injury.

2. For the “True New Yorker Dad”

Billy Joel in Concert

Billy Joel @ Madison Square Garden: June 20, 2015

Sure, you can catch Billy Joel at MSG pretty much every month now, since he is an official franchise of the venue. But what better way to celebrate Father’s Day weekend (especially if  your dad is a New Yorker) than with the legendary Piano Man? Make no mistake, Billy Joel can still put on a show. With the charisma and energy of a man half his age, Joel keeps the audience alive with covers such as “Highway to Hell” and Prince’s “1999”, in addition to letting his fans decide portions of the setlist. So, join dad in reliving some music from the past, and gift Billy Joel tickets for his special day. It’s a concert you can’t go wrong with.

3. For the “Jazz Dad”

Tony Bennett Lady GagaTony Bennett + Lady Gaga @ Radio City Music Hall: June 19-23, 2015

Does your dad love jazz? Is he one of those? Lucky for him (and for you), one of the greatest collaborations in jazz is happening right now with the Tony Bennett + Lady Gaga “Cheek to Cheek” Tour. In promotion of their joint album Cheek to Cheek, this match made in heaven is taking the best stages across the country to perform classic tunes and jazz standards, the songs which composed Bennett’s career, and later went to inspire Gaga’s. What happens when a music vet and pop performer join forces, paying homage to the backbones of jazz? Pure magic. This is a “one of a kind tour”, for your “one of a kind” dad. (It’s cheesy, but whose dad isn’t?)

4. For the “Southern Dad”

John FogertyJohn Fogerty @ Radio City Music Hall: June 24, 2015

John Fogerty, known for both his solo work and his time with legendary southern rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival, is coming to Radio City this month, just in time to buy tickets for your southern dad. What do we mean by southern dad? Well, if he’s from the South, or if he’s anything like these San Francisco Bay area boys, and just loves the south for what it is: swampy, hot, and worth singing about. We know we don’t have to sell John Fogerty. Listed on both of Rolling Stone’s “100 Best Guitarists” and “100 Best Singers”, the man sells himself. So, treat your south at heart dad to a show where he can just let go of his city self and get down with Fogerty as he plays through CCR’s greatest hits.

5. For the “Hip-Hop Loving Dad”

D'AngeloD’ Angelo + Gary Clark Jr. @ Forest Hills Stadium: June 21, 2015 (Father’s Day!)

If your dad loves D’ Angelo, rap, or just good music in general, this concert at Forest Hills Stadium is perfectly timed for dad’s special day. D’ Angelo, the man who put “neo soul” music on the map, is now touring in promotion of his Black Messiah album. Following a 15 year hiatus, D’ Angelo is enduring a “Second Coming” of his own, now backed by all-star band The Vanguard. Did we mention Gary Clark Jr. is opening? If your dad considers himself a hip-hop loving guy, or just a good music loving guy, this concert is a must see for Father’s Day this year.


Masters of CeremonyMasters of Ceremony @ Radio City Music Hall: June 26, 2015

Labeled as a “must see for hip-hop enthusiasts”, the second-annual Masters of Ceremony is the perfect event to gift to your hip-hop loving father. This year, the Masters of Ceremony concert continues to feature some of the biggest MC’s the genre has seen, including DMX, Rakim, and Shabba Ranks. Dedicated to a certain mark of music history, Masters of Ceremony aims to pay respect to rap and hip-hop’s roots. And if your dad was around when the OG MC’s were up and coming, this concert will be more than a treat: It will be a night to remember.


6. For the “Seinfeld Dad”

Fish in the DarkFish in the Dark @ the Cort Theatre: June 20, 2015

Does your dad love Seinfeld? Does he remind friends and family of character George Costanza? (shhh, we won’t tell him you said it) This month, Jason Alexander (actor and long-term friend of writer/producer Larry David) will be starring in Fish in the Dark, a new comedy on Broadway. The show is about a dysfunctional family in mourning, and though it doesn’t sound like a belly-laugh type of production, it is. With the comic-genius Larry David behind the script  of the play, audience members have no choice but to succumb to their dark-humored antics, delivered in true Seinfeld-style. Trust us, if this play is going to appeal to anyone, it’s going to be your dad.

7. For the “Classic Rock Dad”

RushRush @ Madison Square Garden: June 29, 2015

Remember that moment from I Love You, Man where Jason Segel (Sydney) and Paul Rudd (Peter) are igniting their bromance over a love of Rush? Well, that wasn’t too far off, since many men can bro-out over Rush. Currently on the “R40 Live Tour”(their 21st and most likely last world tour), Rush is meeting audiences everywhere to deliver 40 years worth of music, with a set list spanning the range of influence they’ve shed on rock music as a whole. If you have a “classic rock dad”, tickets to see Rush on their final world tour may go down as one of the best father’s day gifts he’s ever been given. Now, wouldn’t that be something.

8. For the “Baseball Dad”

Yankees vs. Tigers Old Timers’ Day Tailgate @ Yankee Stadium: June 20, 2015

Does your dad love baseball? What about beer? Or unlimited BBQ? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we think dad is eligible to attend our Yankees vs. Tigers Old Timers’ Day Tailgate, and if you answered ‘yes’ to all three, we better see you there. And since it’s Old Timers’ Day, 50 + legends from the Yankee franchise will be stepping onto the field for the first time in years. What better way to celebrate father’s day with your sports loving dad than to watch a bunch of old school athletes play each other in a short match before the real game? And after all that beer and BBQ, we’re sure dad will open up about the “good ol’ days”.

9. For the “Funny Dad” (Though, don’t they all think they’re funny?)

Marc MaronMarc Maron @ BAM: June 26, 2015

If dad doesn’t enjoy live music or sports events, we understand. Both of those scenes can get pretty rowdy. Thankfully, there are other options, one being the gift of laughter. So, does dad enjoy stand-up comedy? Because this month, Marc Maron is stopping by the Brooklyn Academy of Music for his “Maronation 2015 Tour”. In preparation for the show, have dad listen to Maron’s weekly podcast called Wtf, with Marc Maron, a largely improvised show with Maron in conversation with other active comedians. From one middle aged man to another, we think Marc Maron will have plenty of jokes to apply for that “funny guy” you call dad.

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Didn’t find what you’re looking for? For more Father’s Day ticket gift ideas, check out our full Concert Calendar for June! If you and your dad are looking to celebrate in another city, check out our upcoming events in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and Houston.

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