10 Moments When Chance the Rapper Stole Our Hearts

In just a few years, Chance the Rapper went from being a promising talent in Chicago’s rap scene, to the most widely known independent artist in the genre. All the while, Chance has maintained modesty, and most importantly, has stayed true to his own vision, a vision which could only be achieved while remaining unsigned. It’s been incredible to witness this artist’s journey, so in honor of one of the happiest rappers out there, here are 10 Moments When Chance the Rapper Stole Our Hearts.

Wonderful Everyday

Before his career reached its current heights, he got together with longtime friends Donnie Trumpet, Peter Cottontale, Jessie Ware, and others to create “Wonderful Everyday“, their rendition of the Arthur theme song. Not to mention, he played it for the first time during his Lollapalooza set. “Wonderful Everyday” is characterized by its alternating voices, trumpet interludes, riffing synth, and clapping backbeat. Simply. this song puts a smile on our faces, and reminds us of a timeless truth: Every day could be wonderful.

“Angels” on The Stephen Colbert Show

Chance has a clear ability to transform dark subject matter into uplifting music, and so “Angels” was born, and beautifully debuted on Stephen Colbert. The video features Colbert in a halo, Chance’s cartoony visuals, his classic dance moves (aka a little goofy), and several backflips. This moment had us swooning due to his sheer excitement and bliss, even when talking about the people he’s lost in Chicago’s south side. Chance and Saba’s performance comes off as two kids, giddy with possibility, dancing and singing as if the world wasn’t watching.

“Sunday Candy” on Saturday Night Live

This past Christmas, Chance the Rapper became the first independent artist to perform on Saturday Night Live, and he nailed it. He chose to perform “Sunday Candy” unlike any other rendition we’ve seen. By slowing down, rocking the sleigh bells, and adding a gospel choir behind him, Chance turned the Social Experiment’s song into what could be the next big holiday single. This performance of “Sunday Candy” is truly one of a kind (and features a never before heard verse at the end), showing us that Chance has a deep and evolving relationship with his own music.

Muhammed Ali ESPYS Tribute

What is amazing about this performance is that it was only rehearsed a few times the day of. The song can’t be found anywhere else, and only exists for this amazing moment, for Chance to pay homage to one of America’s legends. Chance was true to form, entering the stage while a mic lowered from the ceiling, just like a real boxing ring. The gospel choir, emotional lyrics, and ESPYS tribute stage even had Chance choking up, making it one of the realest moments we’ve seen from this artist.

Kit Kat Commercial

What could be better than Chance the Rapper inconspicuously dressed in a bear costume, holding a Kit Kat, and singing about it? Not much, if you ask us. The dangerously cute commercial was paired with Chance’s own jingle, a soulful take of the tune we all know and love. It must feel great to appear on commercials as an independent artist, like having your cake and eating it too.

Ultralight Beam on Saturday Night Live

I think most of us can agree: Chance’s verse on Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam” is the best part of the track on several levels. We all know that Chance first fell in love with rap when listening to College Dropout, and that Kanye has been an inspiration for him ever since (not to mention they’re both from Chicago). This must have been a huge moment for Chance, to be featured live alongside Kanye, his crew, and a troupe of gospel singers. And he nailed it like a vet.

No Problem on Ellen

Chance has been known to really perform his music, thus ending the days when rappers can merely pace the stage, rap, and occasionally throw up hands. His talk show performances usually come with choreographed routines, props, and full set designs. Chance’s debut on Ellen was no different, and definitely surpassed every expectation we could have at this point. Plus, he brought out everyone who appeared on “No Problem”. What’s better than watching your favorite rappers wreak havoc on an office? Not much else.

Record Giveaway at Reckless Records

This summer, a few months after the release of Coloring Book, Chance paired with Billboard to giveaway some records in his hometown, and make a video about it. We love that Chance did this as he continues to be a purveyor of free music, and not only his own. Several lucky fans were given random albums that Chance picked from Reckless Records, all of which were ecstatic to meet him in person. Chance’s modesty makes it clear he was just having a good night in his hometown, giving out records for free, as he’s continued to do his entire career.

Blessings (Reprise) on Fallon

This is Chance’s latest talk show performance, and it was truly incredible. The stage was set with Raury, D.R.A.M, Anthony Hamilton, and Ty Dolla $ign at his side, each of them having truly beautiful voices. The gorgeous background mix of voices accentuated Chance’s incredible “Blessings (Reprise)” verses, concluding in a joyous finale as they move forward to join the gospel choir dancing down the audience aisles. Viewers have dubbed this performance as a “religious experience”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Nostalgia at High School Open Mic

To conclude our favorite moments Chance the Rapper has provided for us over the course of his career, we’d like to go back to the beginnings, to Chance rapping as Mr. YouMedia at his high school. The video shows Chance performing “Nostalgia”, a track off his 10 Day mixtape, in front of a small audience. But he doesn’t look afraid or shy like most artists are when they start out. Instead, we see Chance ecstatic and in the zone, doing what he will continue to love.

Chance continues to be on his “Magnificent Coloring World Tour”, scheduled to tour in the U.S through the end of November, and continuing onto Europe this Winter. Check out our availability of Chance the Rapper tickets to witness one of today’s best touring artists!

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