2014 Album Release Rumors | Upcoming or Not Coming?

Neutral Milk Hotel Live 1998One of the best surprises that came from the release of the best summer music festival line-ups is that this summer, we will get to see artists that we haven’t seen in years, namely hip-hop duo Outkast, and indie rock legends Neutral Milk Motel. In addition to these surprise reunion tours, we’re seeing bands who haven’t put out new albums in awhile, but are likely to give us something soon. So the question is: Will any of these touring artists be putting out new albums this year? Here are Ten 2014 Album Release Rumors that we’ve researched and compiled for you. And from what we can tell, there’s going to be a lot to look forward to.

Death Cab for Cutie1. Death Cab for Cutie

Let’s start with the good news. According to the band’s instagram, and a few #inthestudio clues, we can safely assume that a new Death Cab for Cutie album will be on it’s way after they make their way through the summer music festival circuit. Though we don’t know how soon a new album will follow after their sets at Boston Calling, Outside Lands, and Maha, we know that the band has been affirming they are hard at work on their fifth studio album for almost a year. Does this mean we can expect the follow-up to Codes and Keys anytime soon? Well, because we have faith in indie vets Benjamin Gibbard and Chris Walla, we think yes, a single from Death Cab for Cutie’s fifth studio album is due to us soon.

Modest Mouse2. Modest Mouse

This one is a little bit harder to gauge, but there is some promising information that confirms a new Modest Mouse album. As of now, Modest Mouse has shows booked from mid May through the beginning of August, which  includes sets at Boston Calling and Hangout Fest. This kind of extensive touring is usually indicative of an upcoming album release.  In June, the band cancelled a bunch of European shows, saying that the decision was made in order to work on a new album. The last piece of evidence leading us to believe that Modest Mouse will be putting out a new album soon is word from former Nirvana member, Krist Novoselic, saying that he plays bass on a track that is “pretty edgy”. Though all signs lead to a follow-up album to We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, we’re not 100% sure.

Outkast3. Outkast

Now tell me, did anyone see it coming that Outkast would be headlining nine summer music festivals this year? Just about every part of the country has a chance to see  this legendary hip-hop duo reunite. Now, fans and members of the industry want to know: Will there be a follow-up album to the 2008 drop of Idlewild? Sadly, according to Big Boi himself, we can put the new Outkast album rumors to rest. The duo will not be putting out a new record after their extensive summer tour, instead, both Big Boi and Andre 3000 have talked solo projects in the works. Until then, we’ll just have to dust off our copies of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below and dance to “Hey Ya” like it’s 2003 all over again.

Fleetwood Mac4. Fleetwood Mac

Even though we won’t be seeing much of the legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac until their September 30th performance in Minneapolis, MN, the band is still in the rumor mill for a reason. Last month, it was confirmed that former bandmate Christine McVie would be returning to the band for the Fleetwood Mac 2014 Reunion Tour. This will be the first tour McVie will be a part of since 1998, and will include 33 shows. Now, upon the announcement that the band’s best and most successful configuration is under roll for fall 2014, speculation around a new Fleetwood Mac album has officially begun. And what does band member Stevie Nicks have to say about it? That yes, the band is working on new music together.

Gorillaz5. Gorillaz

This past SXSW music festival had its fair share of outstanding moments, one of them being the first ever live performance of  Clint Eastwood with Gorillaz members: Damon Albarn, Del the Funky Homosapien and Dan the Automator. The show at SXSW created a lot of Gorillaz buzz, one important topic of conversation being the propective follow-up to 2011’s The Fall. Damon Albarn has been quite the busy guy, having recently released his solo album Everyday Robots. But in an interview with NME, Albarn didn’t completely turn down the upcoming album release rumors. Albarn says he has enough Gorillaz matierl to release a new album, and that it will “definitely almost happen”. So there you have it, even though we don’t know when Albarn will gather his unreleased Gorillaz material, we can at least say that it’ll be in our music libraries sometime soon.

Foo Fighters6. Foo Fighters

Following a very short hiatus, alt rock vets the Foo Fighters have been all but quiet about their future plans. Dave Grohl has been the main voice and face of the band and last year he was the one to let the news out: “We begin recording  soon, but we’re doing it in a way that no one’s done before and we’re writing the album in a way that I don’t think has been done before”. With that vague and exciting statement being said, almost a year has passed and the new album’s producer, Butch Vig, said the album is “almost halfway done“. Even though the Foo Fighters don’t have any shows booked this summer besides headlining the Firefly Music Festival, we can rest assured they are hard at work to put out a new album sometime soon.

Neutral Milk Hotel7. Neutral Milk Hotel

Earlier this year, Neutral Milk Hotel released official reunion tour dates for this summer, with an added disclaimer that their show at Prospect Park would be the only show in the area in the band’s foreseeable future. But just a few months later, Neutral Milk Hotel added shows in Boston, Connecticut, Maryland, and upstate New York. The band hasn’t released a new album since their debut record In the Aeroplane Over the Sea back in 1998. But with the added shows, rumors are back in circulation regarding the long awaited follow-up to their first outstanding record. Though we hate to break the bad news as much as anyone, as of recent statements made by the band members, Neutral Milk Hotel will not be making any more music together. We can only hope the band keeps adding shows, even if it means no new album. Because let’s face it, their first one was outstanding.

Weezer8. Weezer

The last full length album that came from the post-grunge pop band Weezer was 2010’s effort Hurley. Now, after seeing Weezer pop up in the line ups for BottleRock, Firefly, and Riotfest, fans are curious as to what material will be performed on stage, and what will follow after the band makes its way through the music festival circuit. Thankfully, the band has taken it upon themselves to keep their eagerly awaiting fans updated. Weezer has released two teaser trailers that not only hint at an upcoming album, but that also reveal a new, heavier sound than what we’ve heard from them before. The comeback of Weezer looks, and sounds, like it’s going to be great.

The Strokes9. The Strokes

We haven’t heard much from Julian Casablancas since 2009 when he released a solo LP called Phrazes for the Young. But since the 2014 FYF fest line up was released, there has been plenty to talk about regarding the future of The Strokes. FYF fest tells us two things: that Julian Casablancas will likely be releasing another LP this year, and that The Strokes could possibly be making more music together as well. Though we can’t say for certain that Casablancas will be dedicating a lot of time to the band to put out new music in the near future, we can at least hope that their performance at FYF fest will give us more answers.

Spoon10. Spoon

 Spoon’s 2014 tour schedule, which includes appearances at Forecastle Festival, Lollapalooza, Gov Ball, and Outside Lands, suggests that the band has new material that they want to try out on the festival front.  It’s been four years since Spoon released Transference, and now fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Spoon also recently dropped a 35 second preview of a new song, just in time to coincide with the beginning of the tour. Finally, we can rely on words from the band themselves, a simple “one week away from a finished album” was published via the band’s official twitter account. Though we can’t pinpoint a drop date, we can assume it will follow shortly after their tour.

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