Despite being the NFL’s youngest franchise, having played their inaugural season back in 2002, the Houston Texans are still a team with a large legion of loyal fans. Playing in the football hotbed of Texas surely helps, but recent success and stability led by their franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson have the future looking very bright in Houston. As a result, home games at NRG Stadium are among the most in-demand of any NFL team.

We at TickPick are always looking to help fans save money on tickets to any event by being the only marketplace that charges absolutely no service fees, and Houston Texans single game tickets are no exception. Read below for 5 important tips on how to save money on the cheapest Houston Texans tickets in 2019.

If you know you’ll be buying tickets to see Houston play this season, be sure to also check out our detailed Houston Texans seating chart blog that includes seat views and much more NRG Stadium info.

Find no fee Houston Texans Tickets

Before we get into the tips, take a look at the graphic below that shows the average prices for each Houston Texans home game in 2019 as of 6/10.

Tips for Getting Cheap Houston Texans Tickets in 2019

1. Buy your tickets close to game time

One of the oldest tricks in the book for experienced Texans fans is to simply wait until close to game time before purchasing your seats, even if it’s in the parking lot during your tailgate. While this method isn’t foolproof (ticket prices can increase as it gets closer to a game, usually when unforeseen circumstances arise, such as the matchup being a more critical one than fans initially anticipated, a beloved player announcing retirement ahead of a game, etc.), it’s been proven to be one of the best ways for fans to save money on tickets. Sellers will often lower their prices as the game day draws closer out of desperation. This way, they can avoid having their inventory going unsold, which would lead to them eating the ticket cost.

NRG Stadium has a maximum seating capacity of nearly 72,000. As there’s plenty of seats in this large stadium, a high amount of available ticket inventory prior to a game can only help the buyer, as sellers have more competition and feel pressured to lower their prices in order to sell their tickets.

2. Plan for a non-divisional (non-rivalry) Game

As any Texans fan can tell you, there’s usually more excitement surrounding matchups against their biggest AFC South rivals like the Indianapolis Colts than there is against non-divisional opponents, making contests against non-rivals cheaper as a whole. Fans begin doing their research as soon as the NFL schedule is announced in April and begin circling their calendars well ahead of the season to plan out what game(s) they know they’ll want to attend.

3. Seek a Game Later in the Season

There’s often a sweet spot for when fans can buy Houston Texans tickets at a reasonable price from a secondary marketplace, and that time is toward the end of the season. Home openers are always among the most expensive tickets for any NFL team, and this is due to the fact that regardless of how good a team should be heading into a season, fans of even the NFL’s worst teams have a shred of hope early on that this could be the year. Not to mention, fans who haven’t had meaningful NFL football in their lives for seven months finally get to scratch that itch.

4. Try to Avoid Prime time Games

It can go without saying, but most games that the NFL deems worthy of having occur during prime time in front of a national TV audience such as Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, or Sunday Night Football are ones featuring teams that are expected to be good, rivalry games, or those that fall under both categories.

If you go for an early afternoon game on a Sunday against a team that isn’t very good, this can help you save money on Texans tickets.

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How To Get the Cheapest Houston Texans Tickets

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Houston Texans Schedule with Ticket Prices

Aug 177:00 PM NFL Preseason: Houston Texans vs. Detroit LionsNRG Stadium – Houston, TX From $18
Aug 297:00 PM NFL Preseason: Houston Texans vs. Los Angeles RamsNRG Stadium – Houston, TX From $14
Sep 12TBD 2019 Houston Texans Season Parking Pass (Includes Parking Passes To All Regular Season Home Games)NRG Stadium Parking Lots – Houston, TX
Sep 12TBD 2019 Houston Texans Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games)NRG Stadium – Houston, TX From $2052
Sep 1512:00 PM Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville JaguarsNRG Stadium – Houston, TX From $36
Sep 2912:00 PM Houston Texans vs. Carolina PanthersNRG Stadium – Houston, TX From $36
Oct 612:00 PM Houston Texans vs. Atlanta FalconsNRG Stadium – Houston, TX From $36
Oct 2712:00 PM Houston Texans vs. Oakland RaidersNRG Stadium – Houston, TX From $79
Nov 217:20 PM Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis ColtsNRG Stadium – Houston, TX From $68
Dec 17:20 PM Houston Texans vs. New England PatriotsNRG Stadium – Houston, TX From $109
Dec 812:00 PM Houston Texans vs. Denver BroncosNRG Stadium – Houston, TX From $79
Dec 2912:00 PM Houston Texans vs. Tennessee TitansNRG Stadium – Houston, TX From $55

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