7 Artists Making a Comeback in 2015

Sometimes, after reaching new heights in music and stardom, artists need to take a break from production and being in the spotlight. Fans try to be understanding of everyone’s limitations, but hardly does an artist take a hiatus without receiving some disappointment from their supporters. It’s been radio silence from a few of our favorite musicians, but this year, we can expect to see a few resurrected from the dead. Here are 7 Artists Making a Comeback in 2015, and yes, you guessed/wished/hoped for it: Macklemore will be one of them.

John Mayer

John MayerSince the 2013 release of Paradise Valley, we haven’t heard much from John Mayer, that is, besides his on and off relationship status with pop-star Katy Perry. It’s unlike John Mayer to stay quiet for very long, as the artist is typically always writing or working on something. Now, Mayer is being utilized for his guitar prowess, as he’s been accepted into the remaining band of Grateful Dead members. The Grateful Dead recently said “Fare Thee Well” with a spectacular five-night, two city concert. But the three of the four remaining core members will adopt John Mayer in to help the Grateful Dead’s discography live on. Mayer, who has oft been compared to Jerry Garcia, will fill in on guitar while Oteil Burbridge will play bass. The band, who are calling themselves Dead & Company, will be making their stage debut as a group on Halloween at NYC’s Madison Square Garden. We’re not sure when Mayer will release a new album of his own material, but in the mean time, we’re happy to see him fill some pretty impressive shoes.


AdeleLast month, Ed Sheeran lovingly teased Adele’s new record, 25by saying it’s apparently REALLY good. And we wouldn’t expect anything less from the artist who swept the 2012 Grammys with six wins. Fans have been anticipating the release of 25 all year, but because Adele wasn’t sure the album would live up to the legacy created by the acclaimed 21, she’s postponed the release date to make some last minute adjustments to the record. And if you’re hoping for a release date, keep wishing, because Adele is wanting to release 25 Beyonce style, aka without any promotion or publicity build-up, just an unexpected drop on iTunes. Adele is quite the perfectionist, which has led to the postponed release of 25. But after taking the time to write, produce, and master it all her own25 will likely be the perfect addition to her already beautiful discography.


MacklemoreAfter crashing into the rap scene back in 2012 with star producer Ryan Lewis, Macklemore went through some trials of his own. Unfortunately for his fans, Macklemore’s battle with addiction kept the artist from making new music for almost three years, an excruciatingly long time to wait for a follow-up to The HeistBut now, Macklemore is back to say that though the times have been tough, he’s turning back to music to help him grow up and out of his life’s struggle. Not to mention he welcomed a little baby Haggerty into the world this year, a bundle of joy who became the inspiration behind Mackelmore’s latest new single, an Ed Sheeran assisted track titled “Growing Up”. Check out the single below, and get ready for Macklemore’s comeback from The Heist and onto greater things.


ColdplaySure, Chris Martin has stated that his band’s slot at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival was a mere “last resort”, but we think otherwise. Martin has two big announcements regarding the future of Coldplay: The next studio album will be titled A Head Full of Dreamsand it will likely be their last. Martin has said that the band may see another studio release in the far distant future from A Head Full of Dreams, but this upcoming album is certainly the end of something—an era. This time 15 years ago, Coldplay touched down into our hearts and radio waves with their debut Parachute. And speaking from someone who saw their young adulthood out in the 2000’s, their impending finale is bittersweet. The band has released The Coldplay Timeline ahead of the seventh studio album as a way to connect with fans and track the journey to releasing A Head Full of Dreams. 

Dr. Dre

Dr. DreThis may be the comeback of the year, as Dr. Dre hasn’t released an albums worth of new material in 16 years. Sure, the rapper’s upcoming album isn’t Detox, the record which has been teased on and off for years. But, it will be a Straight Outta Compton inspired album titled Comptonand will feature several artists besides himself. The record will be released via Apple Music and iTunes, which is no surprise considering Dre’s high position in Beats Music and their recent tie in with Apple. Many people are disappointed that Dre’s comeback simultaneously abandons Detox, but according to Dre, the album wasn’t good enough to satisfy the rapper’s high standards. And those standards are pretty high, considering Dre only gets behind the most talented players in the industry. We’re excited Dre capitalized on the movie’s release to drop some new material of his own, and since it comes from Dre’s vault, it has to be good.


BeirutIt’s been four years since Beirut released The Rip Tide, and what a long four years its been. But we know it’ll be worth the wait once Beirut is out with their latest, No No No (due in September). We call this a comeback because the record is sort of a victorious work, recorded last December following lead singer Zachary Condon’s physical and mental breakdown. After extensive touring on The Rip Tide, Condon began to face extreme exhaustion and self-doubt, and was unable to start creative production on a new album. Condon’s approach to world music has garnered millions of fans since he began, fans that have stuck with him even through this period of radio silence. Now in a new relationship which has rejuvenated his outlook on life, Condon has made the comeback we’ve been waiting for. We’re excited for new Beirut music, and from the already released title track, it seems that Condon has retrieved his confidence, lyrical prowess, and sense of self.

Duran Duran

Duran DuranDuran Duran, the band responsible for bringing new wave to the 80’s music mainstream, is back with their 14th studio album titled Paper Gods. The follow-up to 2010’s All You Need is Now will feature already released single “Pressure Off” feat. star R&B talent Janelle Monae. Paper Gods, according to a press release from the band, will be reminiscent of early Duran: hard-edge pop sounds meddling with a dark, experimental side. Duran Duran wanted to “get funky” for their comeback into mainstream music, while maintaining the sound which propelled them into fame in the first plae. Paper Gods was produced in part by Mark Ronson, and includes tracks featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, newcomer Kiesza, and…wait for it.. Lindsay Lohan. We’re not so sure about the latter, but we’re looking forward to what Duran Duran has cooked up after their last batch of songs. Duran Duran will be on tour beginning next month.

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