7 Summer Date Ideas in NYC

With all of the tourists, humidity, packed subway cars, and sweaty pits, it can be difficult to feel “romantic” during summers in NYC. But there are some perks to living in this sweltering fishbowl during these long, summer days. When else can you pick from over 50 outdoor movie viewings to attend with your significant other? Or get lost in Central Park after seeing an incredible concert at SummerStage? Certainly not in the winter, and certainly not anywhere else. And don’t worry, we’ve considered the heat. How does splitting a milkshake at the famed Brooklyn Farmacy sound? Nauseatingly cheesy? Good, that’s what we were aiming for. So grab your loved one, or maybe just your crush, (or whatever, take your best friend if you have to) and try one of our 7 Date Nights in NYC this Month.

The Water Table1. Dinner at The Water Table + Boat Ride Down East River

Inspired by a trip on the East River Ferry, captain/cook Kelli Farwell decided to create a unique dining experience which would allow customers the maritime sights only New York City can offer. The Revolution, the restaurant’s home vessel, was built for the Navy in 1944, and is currently one of three of its kind. When dining at The Water Table, you and your loved one (or friends) will enjoy a journey down the East River, past The Statue of Liberty, while enjoying a four-star New England Style Menu. The entire trip begins promptly at 7:30, and lasts about 3 hours total, so plan accordingly, and get ready for one of the most unique experiences the East River has to offer.

Outdoor Movies NYC2. Outdoor Movies at Riverside/McCarren Park + Packed picnic

With tons of outdoor movies set to hit screens across NYC parks this summer, you and your significant other have plenty of flicks to choose from. Our personal pick? We think that Riverside Park has the most romantic line-up, which includes Edward Scissorhands (hey, it’s kind of a romance) and Pride and Prejudice. Another lineup worth mentioning is McCarren Park’s SummerScreen, which includes viewings of Clueless, Wet Hot American Summer, and Dirty Dancing. Though you can’t pack a picnic at McCarren, there will be live music + vendors at the park starting at 6PM (the film begins at dusk). If you want to keep this evening romantic, we suggest packing a blanket, sunblock, and mosquito repellant.

Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club3. Shuffleboard @ The Royal Palms + Split a Milkshake at Brooklyn Farmacy

Okay, give us a chance to explain. Shuffleboard may seem like a strange date idea, but it won’t feel so strange at The Royal Palms, a walk-in shuffleboard club which offers an eclectic roster of rotating food trucks, live music, and free shuffleboard on friday afternoons. We suggest taking your date on any Friday, between 2PM and 6PM, when you can bypass the $40/hr fee. Then, since you’ll be in the neighborhood, take the short walk over to the famous Brooklyn Farmacy, a timeless soda fountain-style restaurant—formerly a Pharmacy—now famous nationwide. And because you want your life to model a cheesy photograph, split the specialty Peanut Butter Milkshake with your date—just don’t forget to ask for a second straw.

Sunset Salsa 20154. Salsa in the West Village + Spotted Pig

This is the perfect month to plan a date in the village because every Tuesday at Pier 45, Hudson River Parks sponsors “Sunset Salsa”, a summer dance series featuring several DJ’s, dance instructors, and unforgettable dance parties. Salsa is a very romantic way to dance (if you can get the hang of it). And the village is just so charming. You can easily find yourself on a quiet street, taking in all of the beautiful walk-ups and quaint restaurants and bars. And because we love food and wouldn’t dare steer you wrong, we suggest landing at The Spotted Pig before or after getting your salsa on. Having been established in the village for quite some time, The Spotted Pig is the best place to capture that special Greenwich vibe.

Central Park SummerStage5. SummerStage + Getting lost in Central Park

This year, Central Park’s SummerStage has quite the lineup, and it includes pretty much any type of music to fit your fancy. If your partner in crime enjoys alt-rock or indie, take them to Ingrid Michaelson + Jukebox the Ghost, or Guster. If you’re fans of hip-hop, Joey Bada$$ + Pro Era will be putting on a benefit concert to remember. No matter the show, SummerStage is the place to be in NYC during these warmer months, when all you want is to be surrounded by trees, with a cold one in hand, watching the sunset with your favorite person. After the show, wander a bit. That summer night air and view of city lights can be perfectly observed in Central Park. And some of the best memories can be made when you take the time to get a little lost.

High Line NYC6. Chelsea Galleries + High Line at Sunset

No “Best Date Ideas in NYC” blog can go without talking about the High Line, but we suggest exploring Chelsea a little bit before calling it a night. First, we think the Chelsea Art Galleries would be perfect for you and your date to peruse. Some of our top picks are the galleries of Michael Rosenfeld, Galerie Lelong, and Alexander Gray. Take your time getting your culture on, but don’t miss sunset up on the High Line, where the sky takes some stellar turns in color, and the cool summer breeze swings by. Finally, retire the evening at Chelsea Market for some top of the line grub. Or if you’re feeling really fancy, venture down to Scarpetta, the premier Italian restaurant of the Meatpacking District.

KGB Bar NYC7. Type Up a Poem + UCB or KGB Bar

Into improv, readings, or literary arts in general? Then we would like to steer you directly to the East Village, where you’ll find one of the best live improv comedy clubs in NYC, in addition to the best bar to catch a live reading. Wait, it gets better. This month, The New York Poetry Foundation has implemented a typewriter booth in Tompkins Square Park where anyone can stop in, type up a poem, and have it archived to create a “subconscious of the city”. So drop in with your date and collaborate on a few poems before going to see a poetry reading, or a celeb performing stand-up. Check the KGB Calendar for an upcoming list of events. To check out an improv show at UCB, just drop in, most shows range from free to $10.

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