8 Reasons to Get Excited About Gov Ball 2017

Since the release of the 2017 Governor’s Ball lineup, several music fans have taken to the internet to talk about who they’re happiest to see, which artists were surprises, etc. Being Coachella’s unofficial East Coast rival, Governor’s Ball always has a lot to live up to in terms of their lineup, and since they’re the smaller and younger festival, the promoters sometimes fall short in bringing the heat. But this year is definitely going to be one for the books. From Chance the Rapper to Mac Demarco to Lorde, here are 8 Reasons to Get Excited About Gov Ball 2017.

Chance the Rapper

Chance the RapperFor its 7th year, Gov Ball will finally employ Chance the Rapper for its lineup, in fact he’s sitting at the very top of it. It’s been the most incredible year for Chance. The arrival of Coloring Book, his first international tour, the inaugural year of hosting a music festival (Magnificent Coloring Day), and even garnering a few Grammy nominations, despite remaining an independent artist. Speaking from personal experience, Chance the Rapper puts on one of the most incredible live performances out of any rap artists currently working. Besides his talent, Chance is a compelling performer, and now with so many industry connections, we wouldn’t be surprised if he blesses his fans with a few surprise guests.

Childish Gambino

Childish GambinoSay what you want about Childish Gambino’s new album, because whether or not it’s of your taste, Gambino has arguably never let down for his concerts, and that’s why we’re incredibly excited to see that the Gov Ball promoters snagged him for their lineup. This past Labor Day, Gambino threw a party in the desert at Joshua Tree Park, where he debuted some of his live music to an incredibly lucky crowd. And according to just about everyone who reported back, the concert was incredible. Since no phones were allowed in the venue, and the videos which did surface weren’t exactly telling, it wasn’t until the recent release of Awaken, My Love! that we could get a taste of what Gambino’s been up to (besides creating and starring in Atlanta, that is). Plus, with both Gambino and Chance appearing at the top of the Gov Ball lineup, we have even more reason to believe they have something in the works together.


ToolOut of every performer represented on the 2017 Gov Ball lineup, the promoters are most excited to welcome Tool to the top of the list. Tool has been a dream artist for them and it seems that things worked out perfectly. This will be Tool’s first performance in New York City in 11 years, making this a truly special event. Tool, led by the vocalist Maynard James Keenan, hasn’t released a new album in over a decade, but their fanbase has only grown over time. Known for putting on creative and complex performances and for orienting their tours towards a main concept, we’re excited both for the incredible production value and the surprise of what Tool’s show will look like this year. And, quite possibly, to hear new Tool songs, as they’ve been working on a new album for awhile.


LordeThis is a truly pleasant surprise, and we’re happy to be seeing Lorde’s name more and more now that her hiatus is almost over. After the release of Pure Heroine, Lorde’s life quickly began to transition into adulthood, giving her confidence, clarity, and a new fascination with her age. From being obsessed with adolescence, to dwelling on what’s to come next, Lorde has grown beautifully into herself. Lorde’s Gov Ball performance hopefully won’t be one of few this year, and since she’s gearing up to release her new record, we think she’ll be touring up until Gov Ball or after, beginning soon. Though we don’t have any new music from Lorde, we expect to hear something by then. But even if she’s just running through covers and her established catalog, Lorde is capable of putting on the show of a lifetime.


PhoenixWe were pretty surprised to see Phoenix on the list, especially considering they have yet to release any new music since 2013’s Bankrupt! But seeing them on the Gov Ball lineup gives us hope for an exciting year of Phoenix music, and maybe even an upcoming tour. The indie rock band hailing in from France aren’t strangers to the festival and performed back in 2014 to an energized, crowd-surfing crowd. Known for keeping fans on their feet, we think they will definitely deliver in that area. Though we’re not sure if Phoenix will take the opportunity and space onstage to debut new music, but even if they don’t, their solid catalogue of music is more than enough for both fans and artist to have an incredible time.

Mark Ronson vs. Kevin Parker

mark Ronson Kevin ParkerMark Ronson and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker will share the stage for the first time at Gov Ball, and we have no idea what kind of production is going into it. Both are famed, critically revered music producers, and on the lineup their names are listed with a vs. between them. We’re not sure what this means exactly, but when interviewed about it, the Gov Ball producers were reluctant to say anything, and instead “I’ll let them explain it to you.” But since both are incredibly well connected in the music industry, fans are already speculating that Ronson and Parker bring out a couple of impressive guests.

Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang ClanThe rap collective Wu-Tang Clan is about as NYC as it gets, so we’re pretty happy to see them on the lineup. Since the Wu-Tang Clan is made up of several members, not all of which are currently rapping or touring, we’re not sure what the actual configuration of members is going to be, but we’re excited for whoever they bring out. There isn’t a new Wu-Tang Clan in the works that we know of, but this could all change after their Gov Ball performance, after the Wu-Tang Clan sees that their fans still want live shows and new music from them more than ever. Known for performing like a seamless orchestra of voices, the Wu-Tang Clan continues to be one of the most legendary rap collectives. We’re not sure if this means Wu-Tang is gearing up to release another record, or if it will be a one-off, hits-laden performances, but either way, we’re excited to see them represented.

Cage the Elephant

Cage the ElephantKentucky rockers Cage the Elephant definitely add some twang to the lineup, providing that alt-blue sound that is largely missing from this primarily hip-hop and indie rock festival. Cage the Elephant will be coming straight from Europe to perform at the festival, coming off an extensive tour schedule. According to recent concert reviews, the band continues to deliver when it comes to the live, vulnerable, and performing self. Not to mention they’ve garnered a Grammy nomination for the 2017 ceremony. As always, Gov Ball has successfully created a far reaching range of music for their 7th festival, and we consider Cage the Elephant to be an incredibly important choice for the shows this year.

Tickets to Gov Ball have officially gone on sale for those of you looking to buy 3-Day passes. Based on how incredible the lineup is, we suggest getting your tickets soon before they run out of the cheapest tier. Or, check out our selection of Gov Ball 2017 tickets because you can find a pretty great deal.

Governor's Ball 2017

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