2016 was a pretty quiet year for rock music, but we’re hopeful that 2017 will bring some of our favorite artists back into the mainstream. It’s rumored that lead singer/ actor Jared Leto will be putting his film career on pause to release a new 30 Seconds to Mars album, and that legendary rock icon Beck will finally end the delay to releasing the follow-up to Morning Phase. Though there will (hopefully) be several new rock albums released this year, we decided to narrow it down to our favorite artists. From Grammy award winning rock bands to some of our favorite alternative artists, here are 8 Rock Albums We Want to See in 2017.

30 Seconds to Mars

30 Seconds to MarsThere’s been word that the band, led by the multi-talented, enigmatic Jared Leto, will be releasing a new album in 2017. This past summer, the band released a teaser trailer of several spliced video clips of the band in the recording studio, someone cliff jumping, and Leto flipping someone off in a car. The trailer concluded to say “coming in 2017” and was quickly followed with a short interview where Leto confirms that the band is hard at work completing a record which, when asked, was described as “very sexual”. We’re pretty excited for a new 30 Seconds to Mars record, as they continue to me one of the few very innovative, influential rock bands to date.


ToolIt’s been a push and pull between Tool, vocalist/frontman Maynard James Keenan, and their fans in regards to their new, long awaited LP. But now with the announcement that Tool will be headlining NYC’s Governor’s Ball, marking it their first performance in the city in 11 years, we think it’s time to get excited (finally) about a new Tool album in 2017. We can’t blame the band for taking their time, especially with Keenan’s recent book release, his ongoing project A Perfect Circle (who will be touring in 2017), and the fact that the band has simply too incredible of a career to rush forth a new record just for the sake of pleasing fans. And now that Keenan and co. have officially said that they are hard at work on a new record, and that it WILL be coming out in 2017, all we can do is wait patiently, and secure our Gov Ball tickets for what will be a legendary performance.


beckThough we’re going on a two year delay of Beck’s follow-up to Morning Phase, the alt-rock icon has said, within the past couple of months, that his new album will be coming out “very soon”. We already have two singles from the forthcoming LP, “Wow” and “Dreams”. According to Beck, some of the album was inspired by a set he performed with The Strokes, and about catching the energy and joy that emanates from the witnessing crowd. Beck is taking liberties in the writing and recording process, and has experienced a tangible freedom when writing it, so we can expect to see several different directions represented on his highly anticipated record.

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams Sets Release Date for 1989 Cover AlbumIt’s been an exciting year for both Ryan Adams and his fans, as the news of Prisonerhis upcoming follow-up to his 2014, self-titled LP, surmounted to an official release date of February 23. Towards the conclusion of this year, Ryan Adams took to Instagram to share cover-art for his new album, which he states to be one of his most personal, important, and emotive records to date, an album that “broke his heart to write”. And from the two singles Ryan Adams has released, the incredibly sad “To Be Without You” and “Do You Still Love Me?”, we know the singer/songwriter isn’t kidding. We’re incredibly excited for the release of Prisoner, to be transported into a world that is the psyche of Ryan Adams, sometimes devastating, but beautifully so.

Arcade Fire

Arcade FireBesides their ambitious touring and a re-release of 2013’s Reflektor, the Grammy-award winning band Arcade Fire has remained relatively quiet. But back in May, Arcade Fire performed outside the Louvre in Paris to a lucky, intimate crowd, where they debuted their new song “I Gave You Power”, presumably the first single to their upcoming LP. It didn’t take long for there to be a video of the performance on YouTube, which prompted discussion a month later, when the band took to Reddit for an AMA. And god bless AMAs, because the internet discussion allowed the band to officially say that there will be a new Arcade Fire album in Spring 2017. Not much else is known about Arcade Fire’s upcoming album, but from how subsequently incredible the band becomes after every record, we’re expecting it to be amazing.

John Mayer

John MayerIt was two year between the release of John Mayer’s cover of “XO” before we saw anything new from the Grammy award winning singer/songwriter. But then, back in November, Mayer released “Love on the Weekend”, the first single and sign of his upcoming LP. It’s been three years since the release of Paradise Valley, but it hasn’t been a quiet period, as he’s been busy touring with remaining Grateful Dead members, taking Jerry Garcia’s place to form Dead and Company. Now, Mayer has announced that he will be releasing four new songs from his upcoming album—The Search for Everything—once a month, until it’s release. “Moving On and Getting Over,” “Changing,” “Love on the Weekend,” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” will be the track titles, according to a Facebook post where he also posted some cover art. This, as confirmed by Mayer himself, will definitely be the year he puts out more music than ever before.

The Killers

killersThough it may take some time, we think it’s likely that The Killers will release a new album in 2017. Recently the band compiled all of their Christmas songs they’ve produced for over a decade onto one killer album. All proceeds for the record, titled Don’t Waste Your Wishes, will go to Bono and Bobby Shriver’s (RED) Charity. In an interview regarding Don’t Waste Your Wishes, The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers confirmed that the band is definitely releasing a new album in 2017. It’s been four years since The Killers released Battle Born, so fans are definitely ready for what’s going to come next from one of America’s favorite alternative rock bands.


AFIHardcore, punk revivalists AFI are entering a big year for the band: they will be embarking on a worldwide tour and releasing their 10th studio album. Their new record, titled The Blood Albumwill be New Wave-esque according to guitarist Jade Puget. So far, the band has released two singles from the record, “Snow Cats” and “White Offerings”, both of which are paired with stark, surrealist videos. The Blood Album, which was meant to be a self-titled record in honor of their 10th album anniversary, was named after the three dots of blood featured on the cover art, according to Puget. “We just started calling it ‘The Blood Album.’ So people started thinking it was the actual title, and because we didn’t want to confuse anyone, we made it official.” You can expect to hear the entirety of The Blood Album on January 20th.


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