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It’s the little things that make a festival great. Sure, you’re there to camp and brave the outdoors with your friends while you party and see some great live music. And normally that entails a few days and nights of enduring porta-potties, a necessary evil when it comes to music festivals, right? At least that’s what we’ve come to expect at these things. But it would also be great if you didn’t have to deal with the misery of trekking to that long row of porta-potties and the three-day old stench that comes with them?

Well, lucky for you, unlike almost every other music festival that involves camping, WE Fest has REAL bathrooms! Yes, you read that correctly…

The producers of WE Fest have worked hard over the years – trying out new things and improving the festival experience since 1983 – to enhance the facilities at Soo Pass Ranch for all attendees. Despite its rural location, they’ve managed to get the whole place hooked up to city water and sewer systems so that you’ll be able to enjoy a few of the most important comforts of home while you’re here. At WE Fest, you’ll have access to bathrooms with flushing toilets, hand wash stations, potable water filling stations, and showers!

But really, it’s the flushing toilets that get everybody excited…

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WE Fest is serious about maintaining these bathrooms too. They’ve contracted with the same plumbing guys for 25 years – back when they installed the real toilets. During the festival, they have three men whose full-time job it is to go around and unclog toilets. (We promise, they do it as fast as possible.) And if you want to know what causes the most clogged toilets at WE Fest – because of course you do – they say the culprits are cell phones and eye glasses. But according to these plumbers, anything, including clothing, cowboy hats, and glow sticks, can end up in the toilet!

Please, don’t be that guy (or girl)…

Most music festivals rely heavily on porta-potties to handle the massive crowds at these events. WE Fest has the facilities to handle 50,000 people at a venue which sits relatively empty for the other 362 days of the year, an impressive feat. Back in 1993, to appease the beer-drinking crowd and decrease the long lines at the bathrooms, WE Fest producers decided to put in city water and sewer along with permanent bathrooms and showers. The rest is history!

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Bathroom Logistics

There are five bathroom sites in the concert bowl itself (and a handicap-accessible one in reach of the accessible viewing area) for when you’re in the festival grounds and watching performances.

For those festivalgoers who are camping, there will also be bathrooms and showers available within the vicinity of each campsite. Check out the WE Fest camping page for a full map of the festival grounds, including the precise location of each bathroom and shower house.

using the WE Fest map, select your campsite’s showers and it’ll zoom in on their location

If you’ll be camping in an RV and prefer to use your own, um, facilities, there will be RV pump outs available for a fee at the campgrounds. There will also be water trucks available to fill your RV (also for a fee). If you’ll need either of these services, speak with a tollbooth attendant when you arrive for more information and contact details.

What’s the Deal with Showers?

Showers are available to all WE Fest campers… and unlike at many music festivals, they’re free! No need to pay per shower! There are permanent shower houses and bathrooms located in the VIP, Northwoods, and Viking Campsites. (Blue Ox shares shower facilities with Viking.) There are also portable shower houses in Lake Sallie and Oatfield Campsites. So yes, you can and should shower during your three days at WE Fest. Just remember to bring your towel and toiletries!

You can rest easy knowing they’ve got the bathroom and shower situation under control, so shop our selection of cheap WE Fest tickets!