Arcade Fire Tickets: How To Buy On TickPick

My friend once told me anecdotally that he was the most alternative kid growing up in his tiny Massachusetts town, and that was just because he listened to Arcade Fire. I thought the sentiment was funny enough to remember for quite some time, but as I look at where the band stands in music now, I realize that sentiment stands to describe the band pretty well in general. The Grammy-winning indie art rock band recorded their most recent album Reflektor with LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy as producer, and they debuted much of it in a strange half-hour special that aired on NBC following their appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

It’s a whole new era for Arcade Fire, but not really. While it’s true that Reflektor brings in unique elements of disco, reggae, calypso, and synth pop, the actual songs feel like the same old Arcade Fire that we know and love. Arcade Fire will be playing three shows at Barclays Center in August, and there’s no way I’m missing a ticket. I checked out the TickPick options on Friday; Incase you’re new to TickPick, here’s how I did it.

Arcade Fire

First, let’s start on the homepage. Type in Arcade Fire and you’ll get the results. I used the compare feature to select which events I wanted to look at by checking them and then clicking the button to the right of “Compare Events”. Here’s a screenshot:

Ticket Compare Feature

You’ll get to a page that looks like this, and here are some pointers:

Ticket Compare Feature How-To

Since price isn’t the only factor that goes into purchasing a ticket, TickPick’s Score Report is pretty helpful. To help you make the best decision, TickPick ranks each seat on the basis of how good of a deal it is.

Ticket Score Feature

(I actually picked that ticket though. Sorry.)

Now that I’ve got my ticket, I can sleep easy. Now it’s your turn.

Get some sleep, why don’t ya?

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