Artist Spotlight: Louis the Child

Meet Robby and Freddy, two Chicago teens who met at a Madeon concert and shared similar taste in music. While both of these guys started off their careers producing independently, they discovered they had undeniable chemistry in their musical collaborations and have been working together since. After tunneling down a Wikipedia black hole one day, clicking link after link, they finally landed on a page with a DJ-duo name that stuck: Louis the Child – a 10th century Eastern Francia King who only lived for 17 years.


The duo has only been in the public eye for the past two years, but in that time they’ve managed to receive an endorsement from Taylor Swift, get ripped off by Jaden Smith’s producer (who later admitted to sampling their “Body Gold” remix), and create the smash electronic hit of the summer “It’s Strange” with K. Flay – all before the time they turn 20.


Louis the Child‘s production is super synth-heavy, bouncy, and evokes positive emotions all-around. And yet, their sound is versatile enough to pair with K. Flay’s pop vocals or Ty Dolla $ign’s subdued drawl (“Blasé” Remix). On top of their production prowess, LTC knows how to work a crowd. Their DJ sets pull from hip-hop samples, their own original tracks and remixes, as well as some electronic songs you may have never heard before.  It’s amazing to watch the energy between them as they rile up their audience.


The boys have a stacked festival season approaching, making appearances at Coachella, BUKU, Govenors Ball, and Firefly. Until then, they’ll be cruising around the US performing with Big Gigantic, Blockhead, Giraffage, Slander, and more future-inspired artists. Snag a ticket to one of their upcoming performances so you can understand what their hype is all about.



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