It’s been four years since pop-rockstar Avril Lavigne released her self-titled album, which peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200. Now, after what has been a long recovery from Lyme disease, Avril Lavigne has taken to Twitter to give her devoted fans an update regarding the new album which was revealed earlier this year. You can read the full post, where she promises new music “here before you know it”, below:

The as-yet untitled album will be the Canadian pop singer’s first through a new deal with BMG. Though we’re not 100% sure that the album is still slated for a late-2017 release, this recent Tweet from Avril—in addition to an increase of activity on the artist’s other social media outlets—leads us to believe that her long-awaited sixth studio album will be here sooner than we previously thought.

When Avril announced her new record, she spoke to Billboard about how her new music was shaping up. “I challenged myself as a songwriter and I wanted to write about topics I hadn’t hit on before,” Lavigne explained. “There’s the love topic, but a lot of these songs are about life. I’ve experienced a lot over the past few years, and some of the songs just came to me. Concepts and lyrics were flowing and I would have to grab my phone to sing into voice memo and write out my lyrics.”

Studio today ???

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After what was a difficult and time consuming recovery from Lyme disease, we’re excited to see the pop-star back at work on her forthcoming album, and even more stoked for a possible Avril Lavigne World Tour to follow. Check back for more updates regarding Avril Lavigne’s new album, music videos, tours, and more.

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