Bad Bunny Enforces Style and Acceptance in Stunning “Caro” Video

It’s so fitting: That the first frame of Bad Bunny’s “Caro” music video shows him perched regally in a robe, one hand drying while the other is planted on a table, getting its nails painted black. Fast forward a few seconds, when Bad Bunny switches out his body for 19-year-old model Jazmyne Joy, who’s been sharing her own renditions of Bad Bunny’s looks on Instagram.

Much like his music, particularly last December’s X 100PREBad Bunny’s style has no limits. The “Caro” visuals are fashionably fluid. From the clothes and props—god, that car is sweet—to the diverse selection of models we see strutting down the runway, the “Caro” music video acts as a stunning reminder that beauty is a spectrum, and the best way to proceed is to love others, and yourself. And don’t forget to own. it.

Check out Bad Bunny’s new “Caro” music video below.

“What damage do I do to youI’m just happy” Bad Bunny sings in the Ricky Martin-assisted chorus. By questioning the haters and those who exercise vexation at his—or anyone’s—sexual and stylistic preferences (couch cough at the nail salon that refused him service last year because of his gender), Bad Bunny encourages us to act “expensive”, just like him.

Bad Bunny’s December-issued debut LP X 100PRE also includes the singles “Estamos Bien,” “Solo de Mi” and the Drake collaboration “Mia.” He will promote the album with a headlining North American Tour, which begins March 14 in Reading, Pennsylvania and will culminate April 27 at the iconic Madison Square Garden in NYC.

Trap-oriented pop music has been on the rise for awhile now. And now, reggaeton has circled back into the mix, largely with the help of artists like Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Cardi B. With his progressive outlook and wisened artistry, we think Bad Bunny could help make this pop sub-genre last.

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