7 Best Concerts to See in 2014

In this day and age where artists make most of their money by touring there’s a plethora of concerts to choose from. Being selective and making sure you choose the best performers is a must, so here’s our list of the best concerts in 2014.

Our list of the best concerts in 2014 only have one requirement: the artist must currently be touring right now, because who likes reading about concerts if you can’t buy concert tickets? So here’s our list:

1. Usher

Everybody in the music world knows Usher, but nobody know’s really what to expect for his new tour UR Experience. We believe this will be Usher’s best concert tour ever, as he’s got a lot to prove if he wants to be considered one of the best in the pop scene. Usher promises to include “a fresh take on early and recent songs, as well as new music from his anticipated forthcoming eighth studio album,” which likely means he’ll preview new tunes while on the road (Ed Sheeran did this, which was a huge success). Usher also said that he’ll be bringing out special guests regularly: “With The UR Experience, I want to give my fans an ever-changing live show full of surprises and special guests.” The 27 concert tour already includes August Alsina and DJ Cassidy.
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2. Billy Joel

There’s good reason why Billy Joel has been able to convince the MSG organization to let him become the house resident of the most famous arena in the world. Billy Joel has sold out each MSG concert taking place every month for all of 2014. With a band and management team that has stayed in tact for 20 years, Billy Joel and his team bring years of experience into the concert business which should not be missed. Unlike most entertainers, Billy Joel and his piano sit on a 360 degree independent rotating stage which allows all fans amazing views of Billy and his Piano. Believe us, in 20 years this is a performer you want to say that you saw!

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3. Eric Church

A country rocker who made it on to the national scene with his song Springsteen, has been touring since 2006. When he first started touring he was opening for the Rascal Flats, which didn’t last long before he was kicked off the concert tour for performing too long. His break-through tour was the Jägermeister Country Tour in 2010 which is where he took country rock, mainstream. If you want to see some chest pounding, beer drinking country fun, this is a concert not to be missed.

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4. Skrillex

From Las Vegas to Nashville to DC to NYC wherever you go you’ll see tour dates for Skrillex. If you know what EDM stands for than you definitely know Skrillex. If you are still looking for something to do for the 2014 NYE, Skrillex and Diplo at MSG should be on the top of your list.

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5. Justin Timberlake

Is there a male pop star that is more liked by both men and woman than Justin Timberlake? We understand you might be concerned what Justin Timberlake live will be like considering his nearly 7-year hiatus from touring and creating music, but have no fear Timberlake fans he’s still got it. Besides incredible moves, great songs and pretty people, Justin and his team have added feature to his concerts that’s never been seen before. To enhance the concert for all fans Justin Timberlake has a moving stage that is elevated above the floor seats: for about 1/3 of the concert Justin is on a moving stage which spans across the entire floor and moves from the front of the arena to the rear of the arena, giving all fans a great opportunity to get up and close to JT.

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6. Pearl Jam

Grunge is still alive and who better to represent this niche than Pearl Jam? If you’ve been counting, they’ve been performing for more than twenty years, and they still continue to mix things up. Unlike most performers Pearl Jam follows rock and rolls roots and puts on a concert that typically last for three hours and includes more than 30 songs.

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7. Luke Bryan

It’s no wonder Luke Bryan won Country performer of the year in 2013. He’s got charisma, style and a whole lot of energy. You can expect to see him run all over the stage jumping from whatever stage props he can find all while being barefoot. While some diehard country fans may not like it, Luke does an awesome job of making himself stand out in the country scene by intertwining pop and rap songs into his concert. This is a high energy concert which is appropriate for all ages. For you men who are shrugging your shoulders, maybe the fact that the audience is comprised of 65% females may make you feel different.

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We know you might be thinking where the heck is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones and so on, but don’t forget our list of the Best Concerts in 2014 only include artists who are currently on tour. If you disagree let us know in the comments below and let us know who you think should be included as one of the best performers in 2014.

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