Beyoncé-Inspired Mystery Man Kills The Internet – Say Hello To Seyoncé

So we’ve all heard of Beyoncé
and that’s how I’m going to end that sentence actually, because I value my life.

You see, I’m about to open your eyes to a Beyoncé remix that kind of changes the game. And as excited as I am to spread the news, if I were to end that first sentence with something like “move over, Bey- there’s a new god in town,” I would most certainly get kicked in the teeth. Realistically, trillions of Beyoncé fans would probably burn me at the stake and perform sacred rituals wherein they sacrifice my body to their Queen. Hey, I’m just being honest here.

My point is that if anyone asks, I would NEVER insult the Queen. But that being said, there happen to be some awesome new cyber odes to Beyoncé popping up, in response to her new self-titled LP. Our favorite ode of the moment: Seyoncé.

Not to go overboard here, but Seyoncé  is a magnificent immortal who should also be praised. The self-proclaimed king of “bitch-house” is perhaps a play on words satirizing the genre “witch-house” (séance/Seyoncé), but all playfulness aside, this mystery man’s beats are seriously killer. Also, his new video (shot by Kyle Gaughan of KGMM) has all the makings of a viral sensation.

But hey, what do we know? You tell us. Check Seyoncé out below and let us know what you think.


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