AT&T Stadium will play host to the Big 12 Championship game one again in 2019 and will through at least the year 2021. It’s arguably the biggest football game held in the football hotbed that is the southwest each year, and our detailed Big 12 Championship Game Seating Chart has all the angles covered for this year’s matchup that pits the Oklahoma Sooners against the Baylor Bears, in what will be a rematch of a classic November game between the two teams that saw Oklahoma complete the biggest comeback in program history.

We will go into great detail below on the Big 12 Championship Seating Chart seat numbers, row numbers, seat views, team sections, club seating, the best seats for the Big 12 Championship Game, plus where to find cheap Big 12 Championship game tickets!

Big 12 Championship Seating Chart with Seat Views

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Seat Numbers for the Big 12 Football Championship Game

The seat numbers for the Big 12 Championship game follow a very simple pattern. Seat number 1 is always on the aisle closest to the last (highest-numbered) seat in the section next to it with the lower seat number. For example, seat number 1 in section 115 is on the aisle next to the highest seat in section 114 and the highest seat number in section 115 is on the aisle next to seat 1 in section 116.

Team Sideline Locations for the Big 12 Football Championship Game

The Oklahoma sideline will be located in front of sections C109-C112, while Baylor’s sideline will be on the opposite side of the field in front of sections C134 to C137.

Club Seating for the Big 12 Football Championship Game

AT&T Stadium offers 3 different levels of club level seating. The Hall of Fame Club seats are located in the 100 level along the sideline and are prefixed with a “C” before the section number. The main club seats make up the 200 level, and mezzanine club seats make up the 300 level. Regardless of which club level you sit in, you will have access to the same lounges and amenities, which include wider cushioned seats and access to upscale food and drink.

Certain listings will also include VIP parking passes, so be sure to check seller notes when you are purchasing your Big 12 Championship tickets. Check out our detailed AT&T Stadium Seating Chart for more club seating information.

The Best Seats for the Big 12 Football Championship Game

The best seats for a football game at AT&T Stadium are located in any of the club level seats closest to 50 yard line. Many Cowboy fans will tell you that the 200-level club seats are best, since you’ll be plenty high enough to see the entire field and are also far enough back to have a full view of the giant video board.

How to Get Sold Out Big 12 Football Championship Tickets

If you weren’t able to secure tickets through the school or general sales for the Big 12 Football Championship, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Tickets can still be purchased from secondary marketplaces, although the prices will not be at face value. For a huge game between these two great Big 12 programs, prices are anticipated to be on the higher side, but that doesn’t mean that good deals can’t be had – if you know where to look.

How To Get the Cheapest Big 12 Football Championship Game Tickets

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