Billy Joel has now played well over 100 shows at the legendary Madison Square Garden, and regardless if you have seen him or not in the past, this is a concert series worth seeing.

However, what no one is talking about is what are best seats and best deals are for Billy Joel’s concert at MSG. If you are in the know like TickPick is, than you’d know that the seats in sections 111-113 (the sections behind the stage) are unquestionably the best deals that one can get on Billy Joel tickets for any of his MSG concerts. In the following piece we are going to provide you detailed information regarding Billy Joel’s MSG concert, available tickets and important details about the seating chart explaining why the aforementioned tickets are such a good deal.

Billy Joel’s official MSG website is dedicated to his performances, however it doesn’t provide any information regarding seats and little information regarding tickets since every concert in 2020 is ‘sold out’. With that said, TickPick does have reasonably priced Billy Joel tickets available for resale and you can find the same Billy Joel seats on TickPick, at prices 10% cheaper than our leading competitor.

Billy Joel Madison Square Garden – Seating Chart Secrets

Billy Joel’s piano at Madison Square Garden is set up so that it rotates 360 degrees; you know what that means? Billy Joel, his organizers and MSG are making sure that everyone get’s a good view at some point during his concert. Unlike most concerts at MSG, tickets throughout the whole venue are sold, this helps them maximize profits and the venue capacity.

Okay, so for the Billy Joel concert at MSG – there’s actually a little secret… the seats behind the stage are marked as ‘rear view’ – but the way Billy plays you can see the concert perfectly and those sections (111-113) provide the best ticket deals and some consider them the best seats for Billy’s MSG concert.

The feedback that we received from people was that unless they were in the first 5 rows on the floor (sections A, B or C) than these rows 10 – 20 in sections 111-113 were better.

Billy Joel Interactive Seating Chart

(Hover over any section Above for a Row by Row Breakdown)

Why Are Sections 111-113 Such a Good Deal?

First off, depending on the tickets they will say, rear view, or obstructed view, this fact alone is going to scare off the majority of people from sitting in these sections and that’s understandable, because unless you can see pictures (like the ones above) you’d have to take the organizers word that they are obstructed. With that said, a couple hundred tickets in the sections have sold on TickPick and we’ve only heard good things.

However, it is important to know that row 6 is the first row in section 111-113, which sounds like a good thing, but we advise our fans to avoid the first couple rows in these sections. That’s because a little bit of height is a good thing. It’s possible that for example section 111 row 6, is obstructed by the stage configuration such as lights and cameras etc.

Sections 110 and 114 also have good deals, however, we find the angles are not as good as 111-113 and there are thin cables that hang from the ceiling that have the potential to obstruct your view. But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself: Billy Joel Tickets with no service fees.

Best Seats for Billy Joel at MSG

For the majority of the concert, Billy Joel’s piano faces to either the right or left of the stage. This allows fans in front of or behind the stage to have a similar view. But if you are sitting in sections 108-109 or 115-116 you will be looking Billy straight on for a good portion of the show, making these sections the most sought after (and most expensive).

Billy Joel MSG Ticket & Seating Chart Q&A

Q. In the 111 section for the Billy Joel concert, is there a large screen visible?  A friend of mine who sat facing the stage said the large screens enhanced the show, but they were not sure if those people sitting in the back also had a screen to view.

A. You will not be able to see the main screens from section 111-113, however there are few screens that you’ll be able to see so you can watch Billy Joel occasionally. With that said, you’ll be significantly closer to the stage, so you shouldn’t have to watch a screen.

Q. Do most people stand or sit at Billy Joel?

A. Some do, some don’t. If you have a ticket in the floor sections, be prepared to stand for the entire show. Most people in the upper and lower bowls sit until “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” comes on, and then stand through the encore.

Billy Joel MSG Fan Review

Last night was the Billy Joel concert.  To tell you how thrilled we were with our seats would be an understatement!  All of my concerns (seeing only the backs of the band, no screens, etc.) were really non-issues once the concert started.  The band members played towards us at many times, we saw enough of the screens to know we were not missing anything, and most importantly, Billy Joel was right there!  His piano rotated and he played and acknowledged the audience from all angles.   Even the usher who seated us commented on how good our seats were.  It was a fabulous night!
I can’t thank you enough for reaching out to me and letting me know about the seats behind the stage.  Honestly, I think anywhere we sat would have been fine because, after all, we were seeing Billy Joel!  But, because where our seats were located, the evening was so much more awesome and memorable.  Our location really enhanced the whole experienced.
Thanks again for your outreach and advice.  I will definitely be using Tick Pick for future ticket purchases.

Billy Joel Setlist – MSG

Now this is always subject to be changed slightly, but in general this is what you can expect from Billy J.

  1. Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)
  2. Pressure
  3. Vienna
  4. All for Leyna
  5. The Entertainer
  6. Zanzibar
  7. My Life
  8. The Downeaster Alexa
  9. Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)
  10. New York State of Mind
  11. The Ballad of Billy the Kid
  12. Allentown
  13. Sometimes a Fantasy
  14. She’s Always a Woman
  15. Don’t Ask Me Why
  16. Highway to Hell (AC/DC cover)
  17. The River of Dreams
  18. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
  19. We Didn’t Start the Fire
  20. Piano Man


  1. Big Shot
  2. Uptown Girl
  3. It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me
  4. You May Be Right
  5. Only the Good Die Young

How to Get Sold Out Billy Joel Tickets

If you weren’t able to secure tickets through any presales or general sales for Billy Joel, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Tickets can still be purchased from secondary marketplaces, although the prices will not be at face value. When a legendary act like Billy Joel announces new tour dates, ticket demand and market prices are anticipated to be on the higher side, but that doesn’t mean that good deals can’t be had – if you know where to look.

How to Get Cheaper Billy Joel Tickets

Most other ticket marketplaces charge high service fees in addition to the listed price, but not TickPick. Here at TickPick, we have no service fees, making us your source for cheaper Billy Joel tickets on the secondary market. If you haven’t used TickPick before, you can sign up with the link below for $10 off your first purchase. If you have any questions regarding Billy Joel tickets, please feel free to submit a request here.



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