Billy Joel Seating Charts | Insider Tips on Best Seats

Billy Joel seems to put on a concert once a month at Madison Square Garden, which is right in our backyard. But now, Billy is making stops at other venues around the country, so we wanted to share our insider tip and tricks on scoring the best Billy Joel tickets. We already have covered Billy Joel’s MSG Seating Chart, so in this post we will go in depth for his upcoming shows at Time Warner Cable Arena, BB&T Center, Amalie Arena, FedEx Forum, and US Bank Arena.

Sitting ‘Behind the Stage’ at Billy Joel

For 99% of concerts, sitting behind the stage is not recommended. The tickets are marked as an obstructed view or rear stage, and you cannot see the performer, only hear them. With Billy Joel, that is not the case. For his concerts, his stage rotates 360 degrees while he plays the piano, and the back of the stage is open so those sitting back there will have a view of him.

The ‘rear stage’ description on these tickets will scare of many potential buyers, but these seats are in fact some of the best for his shows. These seats will also be cheaper then some of the others that are closer to the stage. Each venue is different, but as a general rule you do not want to sit in the first row behind the stage because your view may be blocked by some of lighting fixtures on the stage.

Billy Joel Seating Charts | Time Warner Cable Arena

The seats behind the stage at Time Warner Cable Arena for Billy Joel are only located in the 200 level. Ideally you would like to be in section 216-218. Because these seats are elevated you do not need to be concerned with the row number. In the sections behind the stage on an angle, such as 212-215 or 219-222, you may be blocked by the lighting equipment on the stage, so those seats are not as good of a value.

Billy Joel Seating Charts | BB&T Center

For Billy’s New Years Eve concert at the BB&T Center, the seats in sections 125-128 are going to be the best value. Because these section come right to the stage, you should try to sit above row 5 so your view is not blocked by any of the light fixtures. The 300 level seats behind the stage will be the cheapest for the show, but the added height could make it a bit difficult to see the entire stage.

Billy Joel Seating Charts | Amalie Arena

The best seating in the rear view for Billy Joel at Amalie Arena are located in sections 122 to 125 or in the Club Level 3-6. If you are looking at seats in 122-125, just be sure to sit above row E to ensure a fuller view of the stage. The row in the club level seats is less important because of the added height of the sections.

Billy Joel Seating Charts | FedEx Forum

There is not seating behind the stage at the FedEx Forum. The best sections for this concert will be in section 104-105, 114-115, and the first 15 rows in sections 1-3.

Billy Joel Seating Charts | US Bank Arena

There is not seating behind the stage for Billy’s concert at US Bank Arena. The best sections in general will be in sections 110-112, 128-130, and the first 15 rows in floor sections 1-3.

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