Black Keys First New Track In Almost 3 Years: Listen Here

After a two and a half year year hiatus, The Black Keys dropped their brand new single, ‘Fever’ today. They will premiere the track on US radio around 3:30 EST and the material will be their first in almost 3 years.

Don’t let this fool you into thinking the band haven’t been busy, however; Auerbach won a Grammy for Producer of the Year in 2013, and has been working with Lana Del Rey on her upcoming album. Meanwhile, Carney has also been producing for indie bands The Sheepdogs and Tennis.

Having lined up several festival dates for this summer, mainly in Europe, it seems likely we can expect The Black Keys’ eighth studio album in the next couple of months. The duo will be hitting the states at the Hangout Music Festival, one of our picks for 2014’s best festivals, in Alabama this May. Check out their album teaser below.

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