Book of Mormon Tour – Should You See It?

The ridiculously popular run of the Book of Mormon at the Bank of America Theatre in Chicago came to an end the night before last on Oct. 6th, but fret not, The Book of Mormon Chicago cast is set to tour the United States, bringing their satirical whit and WASM (White, Anglo-Saxon, Mormon) charm to Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and a few smaller cities before returning to Chicago late 2014. For you East-coasters, the NYC production of The Book of Mormon at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre is going strong, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. We know you may be wondering if the Book of Mormon Tour is for you, if a musical is even worth seeing, or if that South Park humor is too raunchy for ya. For a traditional review of the Book of Mormon your, you may want to read the Chicago Tribune, or the NY Times, but in this piece, we answer the all-important question – The Book of Mormon is going on tour – Should you see it?

Book of Mormon Review Flow Chart

The Book of Mormon Tour Flow Chart – Explained


Book of Mormon Tour – Question 1: Do you watch South Park?

South Park and The Book of Mormon

If you didn’t already know, be forewarned: The Book of Mormon was created by the same dudes who bring you a new episode of South Park every week. And they spent nearly a decade on this musical. Ergo, The Book of Mormon can roughly be compared to the humor of a decade worth of South Park episodes packed into one 2 hour and 30 minute musical. But for those of you who are concerned that seeing a musical is for old people, you couldn’t be more wrong. The average age of Broadway theater attendees is 44 years old, while the average Book of Mormon attendee is five years younger. But age should not dictate if you attend The Book of Mormon or not, but instead your tolerance and desire for profanity and over the top humor.

Book of Mormon Tour – Question 2: Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata
People who have already seen The Book of Mormon will know that Lion King references abound as the pair of Mormon missionaries realize that Disney Africa is very different from real Africa. What’s less obvious is that the Book of Mormon’s musical style is reminiscent of The Lion King. Search for “Lion King Book of Mormon” on Youtube, and the first video that comes up is a parody of one of The Book of Mormon’s best songs set to scenes of Timon and Pumbaa singing Hakuna Matata. It may seem like an odd comparison – 1994 Disney to 2014 Broadway – but take it from a former high school theater nerd. If you enjoyed singing along to the Lion King as a kid, you’ll enjoy singing along to the Book of Mormon.

Book of Mormon Tour – Question 3: The Lord of the Rings

You don’t need to be a sci-fi geek like me to understand the LoTR and Star Wars references that get humorously woven into the plot, but you do need to have at least some science fiction knowledge. Know who Frodo is? Understand what Jedi Knights are? If yes, you’re good to go.

Book of Mormon Tour – Question 4: Calling all Louis C.K. fans

Louis C.K.

Simply put, if you don’t enjoy satirical wit, this musical is not for you. Easily offended? Politically incorrect not your cup of tea? Then you should read The Best Upcoming Broadway Shows of 2013-2014 to find something else. But, if you can have a good laugh at the expense of yourself and maybe a few others, then The Book of Mormon is easily one of the funniest shows you will ever see. If Louis C.K. were Mormon and could sing, then this hilariously raunchy and irreverent musical is just what he would produce.

Book of Mormon Tour – Question 5: Religious Humor

There’s no getting around it. The Book of Mormon makes fun of religion. Mormonism in particular, obviously, but all religions get smacked in one way or another. So, if you wince when people take God’s name in vain, or will get offended if a show insinuates that maybe God doesn’t exist, please, do yourself a favor and check out our other upcoming Broadway shows.

Book of Mormon Tour – Question 6: Benji from Pitch Perfect

Benji from Pitch Perfect - Ben Platt as Elder Cunningham

Remember Benji from Pitch Perfect? Well, after his a capella debut as the weird, illusionist nerd in Pitch Perfect, Ben Platt was scooped up by The Book of Mormon Chicago to co-star as Elder Cunningham, a Mormon geek who replaces the boring parts of The Book of Mormon (the religious text, not the musical) with stories from Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. The Chicago Tribune has raved about Ben Platt’s performance as Elder Cunningham at the Bank of America Theatre, and we can only expect more of the same as The Book of Mormon goes on Tour this fall.


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