BottleRock Lineup 2015 | Who is Performing at BottleRock?

This year, BottleRock is ready to kill it with an amazing lineup, with artists stretching across more genres than many of the bigger-name festivals. Check out the lineup below, and if you’re looking for BottleRock Festival tickets, be sure to check out TickPick!

Imagine Dragons

The big headliners- cresting a wave of popularity and musical integrity, the British rockers have brought new meaning to the words “electro-pop”. As carefully constructed as the genre will allow, they’ve held on to their explosive choruses and dramatic climaxes that guarantee to thrill their fans the world over.

by Imagine Dragons
by Imagine Dragons

No Doubt

Hey, remember these guys? Yup, No Doubt are back- maybe not for good, but for the time being we can all revel in some mid-nineties nostalgia. A blend of hip-hop and pop fronted by Christina Aguilera, these guys represent the way into the genre for both new fans and old.

Just a Girl
by No Doubt
Don’t Speak
by No Doubt

Robert Plant

If you’re wondering where you know that name from, Robert Plant was orignally the frontman for Led Zeppelin-but the English singer-songwriter has struck out into solo territory since their heyday. Picked as the greatest metal vocalist of all time, Plant brings some of his trademark high notes (figurtively and literally) to the festival.

by Robert Plant
Little Maggie
by Robert Plant

The Avett Brothers

Basically the kings of all the mash-up genres. Combining everything from ragtime to bluegrass, to indie rock to traditional folk, The Avett Brothers have fifteen years behind the to prove that they can pull it off with style.

Morning Song
by The Avett Brothers
Live and Die
by The Avett Brothers

Foster the People

Having only really broken the mainstream in 2010, Foster the People still firmly hold on to their indie credentials. Tying together psychadelia with pop and a hard rock edge, they built their fans through festival shows- and know how to put on a real performance.

Pumped Up Kicks
by Foster the People
Helena Beat
by Foster the People

Passion Pit

With two albums under their belt and another due later this year, Passion Pit are focusing their efforts on infecting the whole country with their addictive indietronica. Synthy, dreamy, and utterly entrancing, this four-piece have proved that, eight years after they were born, they’re still far from played out.

Take a Walk
by Passion Pit
Constant Conversation
by Passion Pit

Snoop Dogg

If you need someone to explain this guy to you, you might be new to this whole music thing. One of the earliest and most enduring kings of hip-hop, Snoop Dogg has proved that there’s more to him than smoking weed every day.

Drop It Like It’s Hot ft Pharrel Williams
by Snoop Dogg
by Snoop Dogg

Cage the Elephant

Cocky and cool, Cage the Elephant have released a stream of undeniably catchy singles and albums since their incpetion in 2006. With a new album and a new guitarist on the way this year, they’re keeping their classic indie sound fresh.

Cigarette Daydreams
by Cage the Elephant
Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked
by Cage the Elephant

Young the Giant

Since their formation and breakthrough over a decade ago, Young the Giant have become a driving force behind America’s indie scene. Blending raw vocals and lyrics with chunky guitar, they’re cementing their place as stalwarts of the genre.

Cough Syrup
by Young the Giant
My Body
by Young the Giant

Gipsy Kings

An all-French group who perform traditional Spanish music, it’s fair to say that the Gipsy Kings are pretty unique. Capturing the raw energy of rumba and salsa and mixing it up with pop influences, their take on the traditional is perfect for the modern music fan.

by Gipsy Kings
Bem, Bem, Maria
by Gipsy Kings

Capital Cities

At only five years old, Capital Cities have spent their musical youth threshing out amazing takes on indietronica. Bringing together a love for synthpop and an ear for great harmonies, the duo have brought retro firmly into the here and now.

Safe and Sound
by Capital Cities
One Minute More
by Capital Cities


Alternative dance music is a difficult thing to pull off, but AWOLNation have successfully combined dance, rock, electronica, and an amazing sense of fun into one cohesive sound. Dark, edgy, and packed with amazing riffs and melodies, you’ll be humming their songs in your head for weeks.

Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)
by AWOLNation
by AWOLNation

Michael Franti & Spearhead

Michael Franti and Spearhead are a lethally good combination of veteran groups who understand how to combine genres flawlessy. Their blindingly good blend of funk, rock, reggae, jazz and folk will leave you breathless.

Say Hey (I Love You)
by Michael Franti & Spearhead
Only Thing Missing Was You
by Michael Franti & Spearhead

Portugal. The Man

Around for more than a decade, Portugal. The Man have earned themselves a place amongst the most influential and consistent American rock bands of the last few years. With seven albums under their belt and critics hanging on their every word, their unabashed brand of rock has proved irresistible to fans across the world.

Modern Jesus
by Portugal. The Man
Modern Man
by Portugal. The Man

American Authors

Scooping awards and critical acclaim galore since their breakthrough in 2012, American Authors are one of America’s premiere indie rock groups. Irrepressably entertaining, their music pushes boundaries and straddles borders between indie, folk, and rock, creating a fluid sound that refuses to be classified.

by American Authors
by American Authors

Public Enemy

The minds behind some of those most iconic pieces of rap history, Public Enemy are still a tangible presence on the scene. Politically-entrenched lyrics matched with a shotgun-sharp delivery marks them out as one of the greatest live rap artists around.

Harder than You Think
by Public Enemy
Can’t Truss It
by Public Enemy

Trampled by Turtles

Trampled by Turtles pride themselves on creating music that’s always evolving. Pushing the boundaries of their already indefinable sound in new directions, they draw on folk and indie and let everything else fall into place around them.

by Trampled by Turtles
Wait So Long
by Trampled by Turtles

Los Lobos

Who doesn’t love Los Lobos? Los Lobos have performed all over the world, bringing their upbeat, infectious style-packed with Spanish influence-to appreciative audiences everywhere.

La Bamba
by Los Lobos
Will the Wolf Survive?
by Los Lobos

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Moody, lengthy tracks define the sound you can expect from The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Soundscapes that take time to revel in their old-school Americana, electronica-tinged thoughtfulness come with the price of entry.

Reflections on a Broken Mirror
by The Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Tomorrow Blues
by The Chris Robinson Brotherhood

ZZ Ward

ZZ Ward is one of the defining features on the face of modern hip-hop right now. Growing up around the genre, she’s entrenched herself in creating retro tunes with a modern twist, and lapping up influences that range from Big Mama to Tom Petty.

Put the Gun Down
by ZZ Ward
Blue Eyes Blind (Audio Only)
by ZZ Ward


Full of quirk, Echosmith draw on a sparkly brand of electro-pop to create their music. Their songs are way too catchy to be good for you, and bring together electronica along with smart lyrics and lush vocal lines.

Cool Kids
by Echosmith
Come Together
by Echosmith

Brett Dennen

A wordly and wise artist, Brett Dennen is a hidden gem in the singer-songwriter scene. Incisive lyrics are matched with an innate knowledge of how to put together tracks, and everything combines into something pretty breath-taking.

Ain’t No Reason
by Brett Dennen
Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)
by Brett Dennen

Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts

Clashing together the unique frontmanship of genre-bending legend Scott Weiland, Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts are more than just a rock group. Charismatic, charming, and totally watchable, you’ll find yourself hooked on their self-assured sound in seconds.

by Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts
Interstate Love Song Live
by Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts


Lettuce are the band who are keeping funk single-handedly relevant. The band, who’ve been together more than twenty years, pull on versions of the genre from throughout history to manage something unlike anything you’ve heard before.

by Lettuce
Hang Up Your Hangups
by Lettuce

Los Amigos Invisibles

A band who are difficult to define in a few words, Los Amigos Invisibles combine traditional Spanish themes with a slick post-modern vibe. Fresh and different, they’ve got a hint of the subversive about them and have travelled all over the world with their music.

La Que Me Gusta
by Los Amigos Invisibles
by Los Amigos Invisibles

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Around for more than fifty years and regularly cited as America’s best jazz band, these guys know how to play real jazz music. Their pointedly traditional sound transports you right back to the sleazy fun of the Jazz golden age, and you won’t want to come back from it.

That’s It!
by Preservation Hall Jazz Band
St James Infirmary
by Preservation Hall Jazz Band

JJ Grey & Mofro

If you prefer your Americana as heartfelt and truthful as can be, you have to check out JJ Grey & Mofro. Playing around with different layers of guitar and vocal lines, they’ve injected new life into a genre that’s too often relegated to retro.

The Sweetest Thing featuring Toots Hibbert
by JJ Grey & Mofro
99 Shades of Crazy
by JJ Grey & Mofro

Xavier Rudd

This powerfully important Australian artist has worked wonders in making traditional Australian music accesible to a modern audience. Blending Australian folk with his own distinctive sound, he’s been showered with praise from fans and critics alike- don’t miss out.

Xavier Rudd
by Xavier Rudd
Spirit Bird
by Xavier Rudd

The United Nations

At over ten years old, The United Nations have one of the most pronoucned pedigrees of any group at BottleRocket. Drawing on the screamo, hyper-violence trends of the nineties, they’re packed with wall-to-wall energy and know how to prove themselves in under thirty seconds.

Serious Buisness
by The United Nations
Shape of Punk That Never Came
by The United Nations


Once you’ve worked out how to pronounce their name, you’ll never stop repeating stories of Aer’s brilliance. A properly genre-bending team, their two albums have proved their innate ability to pull from rap, hip-hop, and indie rock to create something that sounds entirely right.

Floats my Boat
by Aer
Like the Way
by Aer

The Mowgli’s

As laid-back as you can get, The Mowgli’s are an unarguably California band. Pulling on their deep musical knowledge, they slide hints of Americana, pop, rock, and retro into their descively new sound.

San Francisco
by The Mowgli’s
The Great Divide
by The Mowgli’s

Courtney Barnett

Backed by a tight band, Courtney Barnett has worked out how to bring quirky and kooky stories to life with attitude and self-awareness. Ambitious and different, her sound is drawn together by her charisma and ability to entrance with that stunning voice and presence.

Avant Gardener
by Courtney Barnett
History Eraser
by Courtney Barnett


A diverse and creative team, Kopecy have successfully brought together musicians with diverse musical visions into one cohesive whole. Throwing everything from tambourines to gorgeous strings at their sound, they’ve smoothed off the edges to form something tantalisingly good.

by Kopecky
Are You Listening
by Kopecky

Big Talk

If you’re into the kind of indie rock that sounds like it’s coming at you through a layer on agnst and laid-back cool, then Big Talk are for you. Crisp guitars and velvety-smooth vocals combine to create something that’s distinctly rock, but not generically indie.

by Big Talk
No Whiskey
by Big Talk

Tristan Prettyman

Producing richly emotional numbers that span her lengthy career, Tristan Prettyman brings her sweet, smoky voice to her earthy tracks. Sweeping guitar-driven numbers ride through on her charm and ability, while her stage presence has to be seen to be believed.

I Was Gonna Marry You
by Tristan Prettyman
My Oh My
by Tristan Prettyman

People Under the Stairs

People Under the Stairs have taken their hip-hop sound across the world, and come back ever better than before. Consistently one of the finest indie rap duos in the country, their incendiary live shows are not to be missed.

Acid Raindrops
by People Under the Stairs
San Francisco Knights
by People Under the Stairs


A collaborative effort from the East’s finest indietronica artists, Vacationer is a holiday from the generic electronic sound. Spiralling synths and luscious vocals widen their sound to encompass pop, indie and electronica in one effortless swoop.

The Wild Life
by Vacationer
by Vacationer

The Brothers Comatose

Building a cult following around their distinctly awake folk-tinged ramblings, The Brothers Comatose are pioneers of the modern folk scene. Working old-school rock influence into wise, loose sprawls on music, they’re best enjoyed live.

Trippin’ On Down
by The Brothers Comatose
120 East
by The Brothers Comatose

Knox Hamilton

Music for lying on the beach to, Know Hamilton mark themselves out with giant vocal hooks and punchy guitar lines. Breathless and brilliant, they’ve cornered the market on electronic-tinged indie rock.

Work It Out
by Knox Hamilton
Beach Boy
by Knox Hamilton

The Last Internationale

Spunky, sharp and spiky sounds come straight from New York’s finest rock group. Raw energy and rich guitar rock drives The Last Internationale’s effortlessly cool rock and roll, fronted with some snarling vocals and subversive humour.

Wanted Man
by The Last Internationale
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Indian Blood
by The Last Internationale

Zella Day

An ethereal, otherwordly slice of genre-bending fun comes courtesy of Zella Day this summer. Smart, elegantly produced music that pushes the singer-songwriter bracket as far as it can go.

Sweet Ophelia
by Zella Day
No Sleep to Dream
by Zella Day

Finish Ticket

You can expect healthy doses of blissed-out indie rock from Finish Ticket. Fresh from California, they bring together a distinctive type of slick, shifting music that slips between indietronica, rock, and pop with ease.

by Finish Ticket
In The Summer
by Finish Ticket

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

Utterly unique, Sister Sparrow and company brings an elegant, almost vaudevillian sense of anarchy to their sound. Stunning vocals and musical manipulation mark them out as one of the most fascinatingly listenable bands at Bottlerocket.

The Long Way
by Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds
Another Ride
by Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

Ryan Sims Band

Playing a tantalising mix of their own original tracks and newly-spun covers, Ryan Sims Band are bringing teeth to the country music world. Matching rock with a lifetime spend around folk and country music, Ryan Sims Band aren’t afraid to add their own unique take to the sacred genre.

When You Lie (live)
by Ryan Sims Band
The Sweetest Fish (live)
by Ryan Sims Band

The London Souls

A duo with a near-legend surrounding their live shows and wild energy, The London Souls are one of the most important highlights of Nys music scene. Slick rock and roll meets a punky attitude and a handful of raw talent to create their distinctive genre-bending sound.

I Think I Like It
by The London Souls
She’s So Mad
by The London Souls


Retro rock stylings mix with contrasting vocal lines about sum up the old-school attitude of Moonalice. Getting the balance right between keeping it modern and paying homage to their genre classics is tricky; Moonalice nail it.

A Whiter Shade of Pale
by Moonalice
In The Blink of an Eye
by Moonalice


Desert meets disco in Grizfolk’s innovative electro-pop sound. Pulling in from Americana and electronica to create a grand, all-encompassing sound, Grizfolk sound like a band just waiting to break it huge.

The Struggle
by Grizfolk
by Grizfolk

Black English

Hailing from Echo Park, LA, Black English are about as straight an indie rock band as you’ll find over the weekend. Crisp, classic, and utterly cool, Black English are coming in hot.

Stay With Me
by Black English
What’s Your Name
by Black English

Wild Ones

The Portland fivesome come to the festival on the back of their cult-classic pop music. Pulling in influence from R&B to grunge, you’ll find yourself entranced by their textured takes on classic pop sensibilities.

It’s Real
by Wild Ones
From Nothing
by Wild Ones

The Record Company

Starting out in their bass player’s living room, this LA band have spent two years perfecting their brand of rock. Distinctly modern while paying homage to the classics, their spunky, catchy indie rock is unarguably brilliant.

Baby I’m Broken
by The Record Company
Ain’t Love Warm
by The Record Company


An innovative and wildly talented artist, Kawehi represents a very modern take on the solo artist. Beatboxing, straight vocals, and layered tracks feature as part of her fascinating, brand-new sound.

by Kawehi
by Kawehi

Emily Wolfe

Emily Wolfe creates the kind of music you want to get lost in. The ethereal singer-songwriter brings a sense of longing and real emotion to her sound with ony her stunning voice and a guitar.

One Way Train
by Emily Wolfe
Dance on the Record Blues
by Emily Wolfe


With scores of legendary live shows behind them, the chance to see Afrolicious do their thing in real time is one you shouldn’t pass up. Entrancing crossover music that will force you to get up and dance.

by Afrolicious
Pleasure Time
by Afrolicious

Con Brio

Your new favourite soul-blues band, Con Brio are bringing sexy back in a big way. Sparkly, polished, and utterly beguiling, this is how you make soul modern.

Temptation’s Talking
by Con Brio
Never Be The Same
by Con Brio

Wildlife Control

Stripped-back guitar-and-drum based pop rock is probably the best way to describe Wildlife Control. Witty lyrics, an infectious energy and punky, joyous tunes join together to create something instantly grin-worthy.

Analog or Digital
by Wildlife Control
by Wildlife Control

Sneak Out

If anthemic music is your thing, then Sneakout might just be too. Stirring together a cocktail of chunky guitar, starry electronica and sing-a-long vocals, here is electronic-pop without borders.

The Art of Hanging On
by Sneak Out
I Thought I Had it All
by Sneak Out


Transfer are a San-Diego based rock band with a sense of humour and an innate knowledge of how to create a really good time. Punchy tracks and catchy melodies land them a place amongst the coolest bands at the festival this year.

Get Some Rest
by Transfer
Take Your Medicine
by Transfer

Battle Tapes

Arriving at the festival with a whole heap of attitude, Battle Tapes represent some of the best up-and-coming electronica around right now. Mixing up synthy breaks with smart, complex tracks, Battle Tapes are some of the best of the new kids in the industry.

Be The Same
by Battle Tapes
by Battle Tapes

The Trims

Starry-eyed pop is the order of the day with The Trims. Blending rock, indie, and electronic influences into one delectable package, the San Jose slicks know how to turn it on.

Now You’re Gone
by The Trims
The Breeze
by The Trims

Fritz Montana

Fritz Montana prove that the three-person rock group is alive and kicking. Packing their wall-to-wall tracks with explosive climaxes and instantly catchy vocal hooks, Fritz Montana are doing a fine job representing the rock contigency of the festival.

Let You Down
by Fritz Montana
Scaredy Cat
by Fritz Montana

The Frail

Floaty, edgy indietronica defines The Frails sound. A mixture of sweeping synths, catchy choruses, and pop sensibilities, they’re a must-see for people keen to hear the next big thing.

Back To Me
by The Frail
by The Frail

Eagle Wolf Snake

Straight-to-the-point retro electronica is the name of the game with Eaglewolfsnake. Bright, quirky, instantly obsession-worthy tracks are made up of punchy guitar and bass and tight songwriting.

Whatever You Say
by Eagle Wolf Snake
Brother Ryan
by Eagle Wolf Snake

Matt Moon

About as laid-back as they come, Matt Moon lands somewhere between easy listening and gentle folk. Driven by an acoustic guitar, he relies on his voice and his fabulous lyrics to carry his ethereal songs through.

I Am The Wind
by Matt Moon
Chasing the Sun
by Matt Moon


An up-and-coming solo vocalist with a luscious voice, Sielle has proved her worth with a handful of amazing singles and feature performances. A perfect act for the sun-soaked surroundings.

Little Girl
by Sielle
You Could Have It
by Sielle

The Iron Heart

Rock and roll at it’s finest, in a sentence. The Iron Heart provide the perfect example of what a rock thre-piece should be- honest, a little chaotic, and brilliantly raw.

Woman (live)
by The Iron Heart
In The Fire
by The Iron Heart

The Bad Jones

Effortlessly cool, The Bad Jones are bringing their brand of jangly indie to Bottlerock. Somewhere between sunshiney good times and a healthy dose of angst, they’re a crowd-pleaser for the indie brigade.

Eye to Eye
by The Bad Jones
by The Bad Jones

Silverado PickUps

About as out-and-out country music as your going to find in Napa, this local group reflect the ground they were sprung from- bathed in sunshine and undeniably gorgeous.

Wine Country Cowboy (live)
by Silverado PickUps
Like a Rolling Stone (Live)
by Silverado PickUps

The Deadlies

If you like your indie rock with a little bit of a twist, these guys are for you. Get hooked on The Deadlies distinctive brand of raw, rocky fun.

One More Time
by The Deadlies
by The Deadlies

Grass Child

Returning for another show at Bottlerocket, Grass Child bring together folk-inspired tracks with a real edge and stunning vocal lines. Laid-bak but not lazy, they’re a perfect festival stopover.

Bury Me (Live)
by Grass Child
You For Qubed (live)
by Grass Child

Pion 2 Zion

You like stoner music? These guys are about as stoner music as it gets. Chunky four-piece sounds match with wicked sense of how to have a good time.

Alive (live)
by Pion 2 Zion
Load the Bong (live)
by Pion 2 Zion

Napa Crossroads

A collaborative effort from a handful of brilliant local artists, these country heroes are the epitome of enchanting, gentle country sounds.

You Were the One
by Napa Crossroads
April Born in May
by Napa Crossroads

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