Ticket Buying Lessons from Breaking Bad

1.) Everyone takes their cut: it’s how much that matters.

In the business of methamphetamine production, it’s all about the percentages. Throughout the series, Walt and Jesse split their profits 50/50. When Mike, an expert in the business of meth, joins their operation, they create a three-way split. And through it all, the dealers, the carriers, the suppliers – they all get their cut.

Believe it or not, buying tickets is exactly the same. Every ticket marketplace takes a cut from the transactions that occur on its site. StubHub, for example, charges the buyer a 10% fee and the seller a 15% fee. TickPick, on the other hand, charges the seller only a 10% fee and charges the buyer . . . NOTHING.

If you’re looking to sell, this means you can sell for a cheaper price on TickPick than on StubHub (an easier sell) but make just as much money. If you’re looking to buy, with TickPick you can expect to save at least 10% on what you might spend elsewhere.


2.) Knowledge is Power.

How does Mr. White win again and again? He knows more than everyone else. Walt creates the best product his customers have ever seen: while they learned how to cook from a recipe, he learned by working with the best chemists in the world. And when Gustavo Fring is looking to murder him, Walt gains the upper hand by not only leveraging his chemistry skills, but more importantly, by taking advantage of the feud between Hector Salamanca and Gustavo, something Gus never thought Walt could have known.

TickPick was created with the idea of transparency in mind. TickPick is the only ticket site that shows you all-in pricing so when you see a ticket listed for $100 on TickPick it will be $100 + shipping, while Stubhub’s $100 ticket will be $100 + 10% fees ($10) + shipping for a total of $110 + FedEx. Not to mention that StubHub’s ticket will probably be more expensive already because of their higher seller’s fees.

Moral of the story: Every ticket site except TickPick does its best to keep you in the dark about how it makes money. When you buy tickets, are you the one in power?


3.) Always have a go-bag.

Money, a gun, a fake id. Stored in a location only you know about. It’s what separates the serious criminals from the amateurs. For Mike, it was a bag locked in the trunk of a car in the airport parking lot. For Walt, it’s a bag of cash stored with criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.

How does this apply to your life?

1.) Always be ready for a night out. 

You never know when your buddy is going to call you with an extra ticket to that Jay-Z concert. Be ready for it. Keep an extra shirt, cologne, and some protein bars for when you need to overcome the post-work slump in a drawer in your desk or in your briefcase. When the opportunity arises, you’ll be glad you’re prepared.

2.) Sometimes the best tickets can be bought at the last minute. 

An unsold ticket is worth nothing. By leveraging the fact that it’s better for any venue to make some money rather than none, you can find tickets within two to six days of the event for up to 30% less. This isn’t a golden rule, and for some of the most desired tickets, prices will increase as the event draws nearer, but with some skill, you can find yourself rocking out to live music for seventy cents on the dollar.


4.) Celebrate the small wins, but never lose sight of the bigger picture.

When Mike, Walt, and Jesse pull off the train heist and steal 1000 gallons of methalymine without anyone being the wiser, they celebrate like nobody’s business, but when Mike and Jesse want to sell their ticket to being the meth-kings of the Southwest for a paltry 15 million, Walt intervenes.

“You asked me if I was in the meth business or the money business. Neither. I’m in the empire business.” ―Walter White

For the price of one front row ticket, you can get three balcony tickets, or for one ticket at a concert for a hot band at Radio City Music Hall, you can get several tickets to see lesser-known artists at smaller venues.

How to play it? You can’t get tickets to the Super Bowl every week, so enjoy the smaller stuff while your favorites are unavailable, but never sacrifice on your dreams of watching your favorite team in game seven of the World Series.


5.) The story is everything.

When it comes down to it, you only live once. 

So when you’re on the fence about going to something, just go for it. Because what would make a better story? That time you almost went to see the Yankees play? Or that time you saw Derek Jeter rip a line drive home-run in his final season?


So go forth. And TickPick on.

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