On Thursday night (Feb. 25) R&B superstars Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak announced to social media the formation of their new band, named Silk Sonic, in addition to a forthcoming album and single. The last Bruno Mars album was 2016’s 24k Magic, while the last LP from Anderson .Paak was 2019’s Ventura.

The announcements from Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak were accompanied with a poster titled “An Evening with Silk Sonic.” The bottom of the cover reads “special guest host Bootsy Collins.” Will the album be a single recorded concert? Is Silk Sonic a cover band? Or, will Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, along with Bootsy Collins, be releasing new material? So far, we only know that An Evening with Silk Sonic is the new album title.

Whatever An Evening with Silk Sonic turns out to be, we imagine it will involve funky, bass-rocking, R&B—velvety music to our ears. Of course, the connection between Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak doesn’t come out of the blue. The two toured together in 2017—just a year after Anderson .Paak made his career-altering sign to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records. It was reported that Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak created and collaborated together, while on that tour, at Abbey Road with Disclosure and Nile Rodgers.

It’s unlikely that we’re expected to hear any of that past material. But, if it was those sessions that created the early vibes of Silk Sonic, we are certainly glad they happened. The first Silk Sonic single is due out next Friday, March 5th. As of now, we do not know when the rest of An Evening with Silk Sonic is due to arrive.

Will Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak Tour Silk Sonic in 2021?

The first single will be out in a week. We would be surprised if the album doesn’t arrive as early as May, and likely by the end of the summer. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak would never forfeit the opportunity to soundtrack the most festive, sunny, and vacation-vibing months of the year.

If live events are back on during the summer, we think it’s very likely that Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak will take Silk Sonic on the road for a series of shows. And if they do, it will certainly be one of the most anticipated concert tours of the year. Since Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak have toured in the past, we would be surprised if the two like-minded-in-funk individuals don’t take Silk Sonic on the road.

Besides An Evening with Silk Sonic, what other hip-hop and R&B albums are you looking forward to hearing this year?

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