Cam Newton is a Bad, Bad Man

Make no mistake about it–Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers is one mammoth of a man. The six-foot-five, 250-plus pound Newton is built like a defensive end, moves like a tailback and can launch a football 70 yards down the field, making him one of the ultimate dual-threat quarterbacks in the NFL. Dating back to his days at Auburn, it was clear that his physical make-up was one that exuded power.

Apparently Carolina’s franchise QB isn’t content to unleash that power on the football field alone. In fact, there exists another sport where one might say that Newton is without equal in his ability to exert sheer force and unbridled fury upon his opponents.

That sport is knockerball. A strange competition where people encase themselves in protective bubbles then bolt towards one another, using every ounce of strength and momentum they can muster in an effort to knock each other down in epic fashion. Needless to say, Newton seems like a championship contender in the sport.

Cam Newton, you are a bad, bad man! Then again, anyone willing to have the Mack truck that is Newton launch himself at them probably deserves the cruel fate that awaits as a result.

If Newton and that Panther’s aren’t able to take their game to the Super Bowl, the Carolina QB can find solace in the fact that he will probably go down as the most dominant knockerball player of all time.

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