Camping Options at WE Fest 2019

We don’t want to say that you have to camp at WE Fest, but we will say this: If you want to have the best time possible and really make the most of your three days at the festival, then yeah, you have to camp at WE Fest! There’s always a party going on and you’ll make new friends while bonding with your old ones. Most importantly, it’s way more convenient to be able to walk to the festival each day – no need for a hotel or late night driving!

Plus, there are options for families, young adults, party animals, and anyone in between. Whether you’re bringing your RV or your boy scout tent and pickup truck, here are your camping options at WE Fest…

Reminder: If you’re going to camp or even enter the campgrounds at WE Fest, you’ve got to buy tickets that include Camp Access! Otherwise you’ll only have access to the festival grounds. This helps ensure safety and appropriate campsite facilities and staffing!

Tip: If you want to camp with a group, be sure to arrive together because you won’t be able to save a campsite for your friends! It’s first come, first served and sites are assigned as you enter – so no roping them off! If you want to claim a campsite early, you can always purchase an Early Arrival Pass.

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Details About Camping at We Fest

After you’ve secured your festival ticket with camp access, be sure you and your friends purchase a campsite too – multiple if you need them! Each campsite is allowed one vehicle and one sleeping unit. (RVs are considered both.) If you’ve got additional cars, you may need to purchase another campsite or a parking pass! Another thing: Once you’re in, just stay in. Don’t try to drive out of the campgrounds with your car. There will be a free shuttle service to town on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday if you want to visit the beach, restaurants, the bank, or say… the supermarket to get more adult beverages.

Each campsite is 20’x40’ so make sure all your camping accoutrements fit within those boundaries. If you need an electrical hookup, BYO extension cord and be sure to select a campsite with that option – they’re a bit pricier – and hurry, they’re nearly sold out! 

Before you pack everything from home to take with you to WE Fest, check out this official list of allowed and prohibited items. Slip n’ Slide, yes. Drones, no.

Which Campsite Should You Choose?

There are seven different campsites at WE Fest this year, all with a slightly different vibe, scenery, and clientele. All of the different campsites (and lakes) basically encircle the entire festival grounds so that the farthest campsite is only a 15-minute walk (most are only 5 to 10 minutes walking). Visit the WE Fest Camping page to see an interactive map of the campgrounds and facilities. No worries, each one has access to nearby bathrooms and showers! Quiet hours generally begin at 2 AM but as you’ll see, each campground is different.

WeFest Camping Options

As for pricing, standard campsites start at $102.54 (with fees included) and campsites with electrical access start at $302.46.

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Northwoods and Lake Sallie

These two campsites are both family friendly and they have a strict noise curfew. Northwoods is filled with rolling hills and woods while Lake Sallie is popular for its views of the lake and easy access to the festival’s music venues. Electrical sites have already sold out for both! (Sorry!)

Blue Ox and Oatfield

Each of these campsites has a nice mix of older and younger campers. One of the most popular campgrounds, Blue Ox is filled with parties throughout the day and always sells out quickly – electrical sites have actually already sold out! Oatfield is located in the northeast part of WE Fest grounds and suitable for any type of camping setup.


This is the party campground – you’ve been warned! It’s farther out on the southeast portion of the ranch (probably for that reason). There’s lots of partying throughout the festival days and plenty of late-night action after the shows each night. It’s perfect for any sort of camping unit and WE Fest has appropriately labeled it as the “Night Owl” campsite. Keep that in mind if you’re a light sleeper… or if you travel with a pack of party animals!

VIP Campsites

Located just south of the concert bowl right behind the stage, this family-friendly campsite fills up fast. VIP sites with electrical access are already sold out. According to reports, the VIP campgrounds are typically a bit calmer than the others – think lawn chairs and socializing with drinks and a few drinking games here and there. FYI, you don’t need a VIP WE Fest Ticket to purchase a VIP campsite!

Standard VIP Campsites start at $308 while those with electrical access start at $446.

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