During an Instagram live session on Tuesday afternoon (July 18th), Chance the Rapper decided to reveal some very exciting news regarding a project fans have been anticipating for quiet some time now: the long awaited collaboration with Childish Gambino. When Childish told fans that his rap career would one album after Awaken, My Love!, most assumed that this meant his songs with Chance the Rapper were just prolonged rumors and would never see the light of day. But now, it seems that Donald Glover’s rap ego will live on, at least through Chance.

The seven minute live stream began with Chance shouting out to all of his fans, and after he accumulated nearly 30,000 people tuning in, he decided to divulge some important matters of discussion. “I know everybody has questions. People want to ask me about SoundCloud… Or ask me about my album,” he said, as more viewers joined to watch.  “But I’m here for a very specific reason, and it has nothing to do with any of the things I just listed.” After reiterating the SoundCloud announcement he made earlier that week, Chance spoke on his working relationship with Childish Gambino. “Me and Donald Glover have more songs together,” he announced.

Chance the Rapper Childish Gambino

The last time Chano released music with Childish Gambino was in 2013, with the releases of “Favorite Song” and “I, the Worst Guys” from their respective albums Acid Rap and Because the Internet. This news certainly eases the pain of Childish Gambino possibly ending his solo rap career after his next album, as announced at Governor’s Ball this year. We anticipate that Childish will live on through releases from his contemporaries, such as the young prodigy Chance the Rapper.

In addition to announcing new songs with Childish Gambino, Chance told fans that he was recently in the studio with Fetty Wap. This leads us to believe that Chance the Rapper’s follow-up to Coloring Book will arrive sooner than anyone would have thought, which isn’t surprising considering how hard this artist has been known to work in the past. Until then, you can catch Chance the Rapper on his “Be Encouraged” Tour, in addition to Dave Chappelle’s residency at Radio City Music Hall.

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