How to Score Cheap Beyonce Tickets – Ms. Carter Show World Tour 2013

How to Score Cheap Beyonce Tickets

Cheap Beyonce Tickest - Ms. Carter Show World Tour Tickets

Beyonce’s Ms. Carter Show World Tour is winding its way across the nation, with only 14 shows left. Will you be able to catch this “modern day Mona Lisa” with better features live when she swings through your hometown? We hope so. And to help you do it, we’ve compiled this list of the best ways to score cheap Beyonce tickets:


Tip #1 – Price Shop like a Diva

Welcome to the Internet. Where life is faster, personal moments are made public, and best of all, concert tickets are cheaper because of your ability to find the best deals in moments. Believe it or not, tickets are still on sale online for months after concerts “sell out”. To find ‘em, browse through StubHub, TicketsNow, and last but not least, TickPick.


Tip #2 – Look at the Whole Package

When you price shop, look out! Be sure to compare the whole price of the ticket – including shipping and fees. Fees change drastically between ticket marketplaces like TickPick and StubHub, and some try to hide their fees from you until the last minute, so make sure to do your homework. As a heads up, StubHub charges a 10% buyers’ fee plus $5 per transaction, TicketsNow charges an 18.5% buyers’ fee, and TickPick charges . . . . Nothing (read more about buying no fee tickets here).


Tip #3 – Bid on Tickets

Still don’t like the prices you see? Try bidding on tickets. Some ticket marketplaces like ScoreBig and TickPick allow you to bid on tickets by setting the price you want to pay and letting sellers compete for your offer. Savings of 10-15% aren’t unreasonable when you bid on tickets versus purchasing them outright.


Tip #4 – Grab your discount codes

By subscribing to the TickPick blog, you can receive a unique code that allows you to purchase progressively discounted concert tickets on TickPick.


Tip #5  – Wait until the last minute

If you like it, then you should really put a ring on it, but sometimes, waiting until the last minute can mean that you can nab tickets 3 to 10 days before the concert at up to 30% less! But be careful. This process is not guaranteed to work and is certainly not for the faint of heart. Moreover, with super-stars like Beyonce, waiting until the last minute can backfire and you can see prices skyrocket the closer you get to the event.

Ready to jump on the Beyonce bandwagon? With so much going on in the life of Ms. Carter, who knows when she’ll hit the stage again. Browse tickets now.

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