Childish Gambino Drops 2-Track “Summer Pack”

Ever since Donald Glover announced that his upcoming album will be the last from his hip-hop, R&B moniker Childish Gambino, fans began speculating as to which direction he would take the LP. When you take into consideration Gambino’s first two offerings, which couldn’t be any more different, it becomes difficult to ascertain what Gambino’s curtain call will sound like.

The first: the heavy, violent, id-centric “This Is America“, followed by “Saturday”, a sunny little jam you want to hear at every block or rooftop party for the rest of your life. Now, Gambino has released what he’s labeled on Spotify to be a “Summer Pack”, a two-song offering, with Summer in both of the titles. You can check out Gambino’s “Summer Pack” below.

Summer Is Magic” opens with steel drums, and immediately makes listeners recall the subdued sex appeal of tracks such as Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. With minimal production and little more than cooing a falsetto over the thumping baseline, Gambino brings us a song we can bring with us poolside or passenger seat. It’s an iteration of excitement for the beginnings of things, specifically, Summer.

In contrast, “Feels Like Summer” feels more like the retirement of Summer days. The lyrics, a little heavier, allude to imminent endings, global warming, the sensation of pending stress. Both “Summer Is Magic” and “Feels Like Summer” remind us of 2014’s Kauai, its placidity, tropical instruments, and overall understated approach.

Will Gambino’s “Summer Pack” be on his upcoming LP? We doubt it. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Gambino came out with something huge, multi-faceted, layered, and constantly surprising. Stay tuned for more news re: Gambino’s final LP, due sometime this year. And don’t forget, Gambino is hitting the road with Rae Sremmurd and Vince Staples this fall.

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