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Fun Home, based on the best selling graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel, has won 5 Tony Awards including Best Musical. It is quickly becoming one of the hottest tickets on Broadway, which is why we have created a detailed Circle in the Square Theater Seating Chart guide. In this post we will go into great detail on the seating arrangement at this theater, include row and seat numbers, Circle in the Square Theater Seat Views, what seats you should avoid, and much more. And assuming you are looking for tickets to the show, we also have the inside track on Cheap Fun Home Tickets.

Circle in the Square Theater Seating Chart

Fun Home Seating Chart Broadway

Circle in the Square Theater Seat Views

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As you can see from the pictures, Circle in the Square Theater is very unique in that the stage is surrounded by seats. There are very few bad seats here, although the seats in the far corners may have slightly obstructed views when the action is on the far left side of the stage. For example seats 438-440 would be obstructed when the actors were on the far left of the stage (see pictures above for reference). The same would be true in seats 437-439, when the actors are on the far right of the stage. Aside from those corners, you really can’t go wrong with your seats.

Circle in the Square Theater Seat Numbers

When purchasing tickets for Fun Home, the seat numbers are incredibly important to know. Because the entire venue is label Orchestra, the only way to know where you are located is by the seat number. Like all theaters, seat numbers are broken up into odd and even numbered sections depending on which side of the venue you are on. If the seller does not disclose the seat numbers, it is worth giving the marketplace a call to find out where exactly those seats are located.

Circle in the Square Theater Review

Via Yelp

“Saw Fun Home here the night before the Tony Awards.  The seats went all around the theater in an arena like fashion.  This is a relatively small theater and more modern theater compared to the other more historical venues mentioned in another review.  That said, the intimate seating really added to the experience.

Sure, you’re not going to get the crazy concessions and souvenirs like at the neighboring theater (Wicked) but you feel closer to the show and actors.  This was definitely a no frills type of experience where there is no bad seat in the house and you leave feeling the show’s impact.  It might not be everyone’s cup of tea (the minimalist atmosphere, the intense and thought provoking subject matter), but you will leave a changed person if you come in with an open mind.”

Remember, if you are in search of tickets check out our Cheap Fun Home Tickets, and if you want even more information on the venue, check out our other Circle in the Square Theatre Seating Chart.

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