What Food to Get at Citi Field for a New York Mets Game

‘Tis the season for New York Mets baseball, and if there’s one thing that Mets fans head to Citi Field for other than the games themselves, it’s the food. Mets fans have perhaps the most spoiled palates of any fan base in the game, as they have the most eclectic and high-quality range of ballpark food options from which they may choose.

Read below in order to find whatever it is that you may be looking to eat this season at Citi Field, which is widely considered to have the best and most diverse array of food options of any MLB stadium. In the meantime, if you’re looking for general Citi Field seating information, be sure to check out our informative New York Mets Seating Chart Guide.

Citi Field Food Map and Guide

Take a look below at the map of the ballpark that will help guide you to find the best food at Citi Field this season. We’ve included where all of the following food items in the blog below can be found to make it easy to find the best ballpark eats.

Mets Citi Field Seating Chart 2013

Best Local Food at Citi Field

To start things off, we’ll highlight some of the fan favorites for Citi Field food for fans who have the luxury of attending multiple games each season but still hit up the same reliable spots for ballpark fare that’s become synonymous with the stadium.

New York City is known for its many delicacies, but chief among them might be Pastrami on Rye. Fans of traditional Jewish Deli fare will be thrilled to know that Citi Field has hot pastrami on rye, knishes and other classics, and other not-so-classics but still wholly unique to Citi Field in their pastrami dogs, which is their traditional ballpark hot dog topped with mounds of delicious pastrami that they make in-house in their stand behind Section 125.


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Best Pizza at Citi Field

Unlike the stadium in the Bronx that has a paltry selection of Papa John’s and nothing else, Citi Field actually has some very solid pizza options that help represent for the city with the best pizza in the country. There are multiple excellent Margherita-style spots in the stadium in Arancini Bros. (Sections 102 & 410) and Pasty’s Pizzeria (Sections 412, Taste of City, Delta Level). For a more unique pizza, check out The Pizza Cupcake (Sections 110, 121, 310, 327, 404, 425 & Vending) for a shareable snack that comes with Mozzarella and Mutti Tomatoes.


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Shake Shack, Danny Meyer’s local burger chain that has expanded its national reach big-time in recent years, has long been a destination for baseball fans looking to treat themselves at the ballpark. Hit up their location at Section 139 for ballpark staples like hot dogs, crinkle fries (with cheese), their famous burgers, and of course, milkshakes on a hot summer day.


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Another Meyer restaurant that’s for years been serving some of the best eats to Mets fans is Blue Smoke on the Road, an offshoot of famous upscale barbecue joint Blue Smoke that’s serving up grilled and smoked meats and excellent BBQ sides (or both, like their brisket mac & cheese pictured below) near Section 140.


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You’ll be able to secure your peanuts and Cracker Jacks via your section’s friendly shouting vendors.

The Best Food at Citi Field

If you’re one of those people who’s willing to forgo an inning or two of game action in order to wait in line for legitimately good food – that is, food that holds up in restaurants not within the friendly confines of Citi Field – head to Fuku (Section 102), one of chef David Chang’s various ultra-successful restaurants, for their simple yet incredible spicy chicken sandwich and grab one of their Milk Bar cookies while you’re at it.

It just so happens that another renowned New York staple Sweet Chick is also serving up some excellent fried chicken dishes at Citi Field in their Lil Sweet Chick stand located in the Promenade Club, like their fried chicken and Nashville hot chicken sandwiches that each rival Fuku’s, as well as their excellent chicken and waffles, which people line up for during weekend brunch at their restaurant locations throughout the city.


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Fancy Food at Citi Field

While the Mets have plenty of the staple ballpark foods covered, this is the center of the culinary universe (if not a few miles east of it), and therefore fans’ expectations are perhaps higher than they would be in a city less food-centric market. Citi Field food has got you covered with delectable seafood options at Caesars Sportsbook At The Metropolitan Grille, located at the Excelsior Level.

Other more-elegant food options are available at Daruma of Tokyo in Section 105 if you’re in the mood for sushi, or the tender filet mignon steak sandwich at famous NYC meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda’s Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich in Sections 139 and 415. Keep in mind that there are various other Pat LaFrieda burger and fries stands located all throughout the stadium to add to the incredible amount of excellent burger options at Citi Field.

The Best Dessert at Citi Field

In addition to your regular ice cream cones, cotton candy, Sno cones, etc., Citi has some more intriguing sweets for fans in the form of Wowfulls at Section 123, which serves up Hong Kong egg waffles stuffed with ice cream that will ruin regular sugar cones for you.


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Mister Softee stands are also serving ice cream cups, waffle cones, milkshakes, and intriguing options like fried cheesecake at locations all throughout the ballpark.


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Dietary Restrictions and Kosher Food at Citi Field

Vegan City (Section 105) makes all your stadium favorites vegan! There you can find vegan nachos, vegan sausages, the beyond burger, and some classic salads. Kosher Stands are located at Sections 115, 130, and 408 and serve items like knishes, pretzels, hot dogs, and more.

The Best Place to Drink at Citi Field

There are plenty of options for thirsty and of-age fans who want to enjoy a craft beer, cocktail, wine or a beer passed from a vendor in the stands. Craft beers can be ordered right from the comfort of your seat, but make sure you make an order through the MLB Ballpark App. If you are more of a wine person, head to Jim Beam Bourbon Bar, Delta Sky360° Club Bars, or Section 412 for your choice of Rose, White, Red, or Bubbles Wine. If you’re in the mood for some bourbon, make sure to try the famous Bases Loaded Lemonade made with freshly squeezed hard lemonade. If none of these interest you, don’t fret, plenty of other options are available,

Can I Bring Food or Drinks into Citi Field?

Regarding bringing in your own food and drinks into Citi Field, their rule is as follows: “Unopened soft plastic bottles or juice boxes for beverages and wrapped food (or food contained in soft plastic, with no metal silverware) would be permitted into the ballpark and is subject to a security search.”

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