If you’re looking for the most detailed Citi Field seating chart, you’ve come to the right place. Located in Flushing, Queens, Citi Field is the home of the New York Mets and is one of the best venues in all major league baseball, which houses some of MLB’s best baseball fans. We’ve included of the information that you could want for the New York Mets Seating Chart; including interactive maps, 3D Seat Views, row numbers, seat numbers, club access, and where you can find the same New York Mets seats at prices 10% cheaper than our leading competitor.


Citi Field Seating Chart with Row Numbers & Seat Views

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Note: Hover over the sections on our website or mobile app to see seat views and row numbers.  This season, TickPick is providing fans with its new patented and interactive system that gives the user a full, 360-degree virtual in-seat view that they can utilize before picking their seats!

Citi Field Seating Chart with Club Access Info

Mets Citi Field Seating Chart 2013

Which Mets Tickets Should I Buy?

I (Brett Goldberg, Co-Founder of TickPick) went to several Mets game to scout out the Citi Field Seating chart and the respective seat views. I sat in the 4th row of section 121 (right behind the dugout), 5th row of section 321 (ceasars club) and the last row of section 139 (center outfield). Although different, all three seat locations provided a great view and experience at Citi Field.

Center Outfield (Section 139)
Play develops slower, great ability to see the strike zone, tvs available to watch (can see replays).

Ceasars Gold (Section 322)
Perfect for “watching” a game, this is where the sports announcers sit, there’s a good reason.

Field level (Section 121)
Extremely close to the action; exactly what I desire when going to a live game.

What I learned from visiting Citi Fieldpay for club access (it’s worth it). The tickets that I bought (4th row section 121) gave me access to three clubs, Delta, Acela, and Ceasars. Access to one club is more than enough, here’s my review of the restaurants and clubs.

The Delta Club

The Delta Club’s first two rows in Sections 11-19 are called Delta Platinum. These are the only seats in the stadium that don’t vary in price, set at $460 each. The rest of the Delta seats vary from $450 to $102 depending on the game, who’s pitching, and timing of when you purchase tickets.

Do all seats in section 11 to 19 in Citi Field come with Delta Club access? 

Mets seats in section 11 and 19 come with the best club access, but not all seats are equal. The best seats, Delta Platinum and Delta Gold (aka Delta Club Platinum or Delta Club Gold, located from rows 1 to 8), are provided with access to the Citi Field Delta Sky 360 lounge. Every other “Delta” ticket provides you with access to the Citi Field Delta Sky 360 Club, as well as Caesars, and Acela Club access.

Citi Field Delta Club Lounge

The only difference from the Delta Club and the Lounge is that the lounge provides you with complementary soft drinks, coffee, hot dogs and snacks.


  • Less crowded
  • Full bar
  • Shorter food lines and more options
  • Alcohol until the 9th inning
  • AC and shelter from sun and rain


  • During rain delays not enough seats
  • Limited view of the field from the club

Acela Club


  • Incredible view of the field
  • Indoor and outdoor space
  • AC / Covered from rain
  • Full bar, cutoff 9th inning
  • Price fixed restaurant – (reservation suggested, call 718-565-4333)


  • Limited standing room
  • Expensive price fixed meal

Ceasars Club

The Ceasars Club is the largest club in terms of space and the amount of people that have access to it (except for the promenade club).


  • Full bar
  • Alcohol cut off 9th inning
  • Lots of tvs
  • Lots of seats


  • No view of the field
  • Not quite as exclusive as the other clubs

Standing Room Only (SRO) Seats

Citi Field Standing Room Only Seats aren’t necessarily designated to one particular section of the stadium; You can stand wherever you can find room. For a big event like the 2013 Home Run Derby, finding standing room only is going to be difficult so get there early. I’d recommend looking for a spot in right field near the bridge terrace. There, they have high standing tables without chairs there that are perfect for standing around. My other recommendation would be to find a standing room only spot near the pepsi porch.

Field Level:

As mentioned before, field level tickets are the most expensive—but not as expensive as you might think. The seats on the Left and Right field lines that aren’t as close to home plate can cost as little as $36 for some games. These seats also offer great access to the delicious food options Citi Field has to offer. Don’t forget, this includes Shake Shack, which is delivered to Delta Platinum and Gold seats for free.

The best deals that you’re going to get on the Field Level are the Baseline gold seats(section 128, rows 1-5). Located right behind the left and right field ball boys, these tickets run from $65 and are always within the first 5 rows. The Field Box (sections 109, 110, 125, 126) will get you just behind either baseline, and you can usually get tickets for $52. Feeling a little fancier? Set yourself up directly behind the baseline with a couple tickets in the Metropolitan Box for as little as $80.

The Promenade Level:

The Promenade Level seats go for as cheap as $11, but be wary of the lower rows in the Promenade reserved (501-504, 524-528), these seats often have views obstructed by stairwells. Seats in sections 509 to 517 are probably the best deal in this level. Left Field Landing (334-337) offers seats an entire level down, often for only $10 to $15 more. The top 5 layers are covered by an overhang.

The Bridge Terrace:

Section 143 is easily the most unique seating in the stadium. This section offers a hometown bar feel, while putting you close to the action of the game. Seats in this section start as low as $42

If you do end up in crappy seats, the Shea Bridge is a great place to congregate and watch the game. A number of the best Food vendors are located here, along with many free standing tables where you can hang out and watch the game.

Pro Tip: 

By buying slightly more expensive tickets in the 300’s and 400’s (Promenade level and Caesar’s club) you can gain the exclusive club access the stadium has to offer. It’s a nice way to feel luxurious without  breaking the bank. With tickets going for as little as $50 on certain games, it’s almost a no brainer.

Citi Field Review

The Best Food at Citi Field

Some say that the food begins and ends with Shake Shack. They are wrong. For an in-depth look at the best food at Citi Field, check out our Citi Field Food Guide here.

Here are the rest of the fantastic eats at Citi Field (In no particular order):

  • Blue Smoke: Field level, behind center field & Promenade level, behind home plate
  • Box Frites: Field level, behind center field & Promenade level, behind home plate
  • Keith’s Grill: Section 132, behind the left foul post
  • Catch of the Day: Field level, behind section 102
  • Mama’s of Corona: Field level, behind sections 105-6 & Promenade level, behind home plate
  • El Verano Taqueria: Field level, behind center field
  • Hot Pastrami on Rye: Section 135
  • And of course Shake Shack: Field level, behind center field

Dugout, Coverage, Directions

  • The Home Dugout is Located on the First Base Line
  • On sunny days the third base line and the Left Field Sections are shaded up. The Pepsi Porch is for those of you looking to get your tan on.
  • The last 5 to 8 rows of the field level section is covered from rain (rows 26-31).
  • Rows 6 and above in the 300s sections are covered seats.
  • The number 7 train is the only subway and The Port Washington Line are the only LIRR lines that service the stadium. The Station is called Mets-Willets. The Q48 bus services the stadium.

Handicapped & ADA Seating at Citi Field

For those who are confined to a wheelchair and/or those looking to attend a game at Citi Field with somebody who is, there is some important information that you’ll want to know. If you’re seeking ADA or handicapped seating, you’ll find that there are accessible rows at the top of most sections within the ballpark and spread throughout. If necessary, folding chairs will be provided with guests, such as ones looking to sit with a fan confined to a wheelchair.

One trick you can use to filter tickets that are handicapped or ADA accessible (as shown below) is by using our “Additional filters +” button on the event page that allow you to select “ADA (wheelchair accessible),” which shows all seats that the seller has marked as handicapped seating.

How to Get Cheaper New York Mets Tickets

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Have a question regarding the Mets Seating Chart? Ask in the comments below, we’ll be sure to find you an answer!

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