Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Struggle to Spell Dellavedova

With Kevin Love already out for the remainder of the 2015 NBA Playoffs and starting point guard Kyrie Irving suffering a similar fate in Game 1 of the Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers looked to be in a bad way in their title bout with the Golden State Warriors. These setbacks notwithstanding, LeBron James and company have held their own in the series.

One of the key contributors to the Cavs’ surprising run has been Matthew Dellavedova, whose gritty play has played a major role in Cleveland’s wins against the Warriors. Despite his heroics, the guard remains something of an unknown to casual hoops fans.

In exploration of this phenomenon, the Starters of NBA TV recently took to the streets to ask Cavs fan one burning question–can you spell Dellavedova’s name? The results of their investigation were amazing.

For Dellavedova’s sake, I hope the Cavs can take the series from Golden State. Maybe then fans will be forced to remember the Aussie star’s name. Until that comes to pass, I wish Mr. Mathieu Deldadevova the best of luck.

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