The Country Music Awards (CMA) Festival is the largest country music festival in the world. With its stellar lineup made up of the biggest names in country music, the CMA Fest has a strong reputation of bringing incredible live acts to downtown Nashville for one weekend every Summer. We’ve created a detailed CMA Festival Seating Chart guide for those who are looking to attend this year.

CMA Music Festival Seating Chart

In 2016, the CMA Music Festival organizers showed that there was always a possibility of a venue change. After advertising an extended stage, they cancelled those plans last minute. Though we can only approximate the CMA seating chart for 2021, we believe we have the most accurate information on the festival seating.


CMA Seating Chart 2017-2018

Detailed CMA Music Festival Seating Chart with Seat Numbers & Row Numbers

CMA Music Festival Seating Chart 2017-2018

Nissan Stadium Seating Chart Information

100s Sections

In the 100s sections, the higher seat numbers are next to the sections with higher section numbers. For example, Seat 24 in Section 111 is going to be next to Section 112.

Almost all of the 100s sections have 24 seats. They start with Row A, go to Z, and then go from AA to LL (LL is the last row).

Obstructed Views – Sections 123 & 124

There’s been a lot of talk about the obstructions in sections 123 & 124. Here’s what we can share on it: sections 123 and 124 are behind the Mix panel, and our guess is that some seats will be extremely obstructed, meaning you may have a tough time seeing the stage as well as the screens. It’s concerning because if the organizers are marking rows AA to LL – which is a very big space – as obstructed,  they must be expecting the mix panel to be very large (in the past it was raised at least a story high, which sounds like that what’s going to happen this year).

You should probably avoid these seats, and keep in mind that all tickets for events on TickPick would require a seller to include a note within their listing that would disclose any obstruction, if the venue deems it to be so.

200s Sections

In the 200s, the higher seat numbers are also next to the sections with the higher section number.  For example, seat #22 in section 213 is going to be next to section 214. Almost all of the 200s sections have 22 seats and they start with row A and end with row V.

300s Sections

In the 300 sections, the higher the row number is, the more seats there will be per row. The number of seats per a row can range from 10 to 31 seats. Nonetheless, the rule that the highest seat numbers are adjacent to the sections with the higher section number is consistent for these sections, as well. Most 300 sections start with row A, go to Z, then transition to AA to KK (the last row is a double letter, and is higher up than the single letter rows).

Gold Circle

Obviously, not all seats are of the same quality, and it’s no secret that the Gold Circle is where you want to be. The entire gold circle is really split into two parts, the front half and the back half. They tend to change where the sections are divided each year, and this year, depending on the section, it’s between row 21 & 24.

The best part of being in the first half of the gold circle is that there’s security in between the two parts, and as long as you have tickets in the first portion of the Gold Circle, you’re able to get past them. Of course every seat is sold, but this is a 4-day festival that lasts for five (5) hours each night, so in the past, by the last performer of the night you may be able to move closer to the stage (although this is certainly not guaranteed). Finally, it’s just a nice luxury to be able to show your pass and be able to walk around almost anywhere on the field level.

Find No Fee CMA Festival Tickets

Best CMA Tickets – Gold Circle vs Field Level

Note, the stage and seating may not be as advertised for the 2019 CMA Festival, as they have been unpredictable in the past. If need assistance in knowing which seats are best, we suggest emailing us ([email protected]) before buying your CMA Music Festival tickets.

Section CC & DD: The center sections of the gold circle are now 18 rows, starting at row 1 and ending at row 18. These are the most-desired seats in the entire stadium. Each section has 15 seats to a row (see image above). You can view the best CMA seats on TickPick, by sorting by “Seat Quality”.

Section BB and EE: Rows 1 – 24. The new addition jutting out of the main stage ends where row 12 begins. So we suggest buying tickets behind row 12 so you don’t miss the action on the extended stage. Each row has 24 seats. Seats 1-15 begin center stage to the right, while seats 16-30 run center stage to the left (this holds true for all field level and gold circle sections).

Section AA and EE: Rows 1 to 19. These sections have 22 seats per row. Keep in mind that the stage comes out to row 12. We suggest—for the same price—to consider seats in sections B, C, D, or E so you’re more in the middle of the action.

CMA Music Festival Seating Chart 2017-2018

Section A, B, C, D, E, and F: Rows 1-22 (or 21 for sections A & F). Depending on the section, there will be between 15 to 24 seats per row. Prices will obviously change based on the section, and fans can expect to pay more for the center sections (C & D). All seats within sections B through E will definitely have a good view, while tickets in sections A and F will still be good, but as you can imagine, the viewing angle will be a little worse. We still think everyone will be happy with seats in these sections.

What Seats to Buy for the CMA Music Festival? (From 2015)

The best seats for the CMA Music Festival are definitely within the first 10 rows of any of the center floor sections, (B, C or D). Unlike many concerts where the stage is small, the stage at the CMA festival is massive, and thus I don’t find it necessary to pay a premium to sit in the center section (C), but instead would save some money and look for tickets in sections B or D; however, I do think there’s a reason to pay a premium to sit in section B or D, verses A or E.

If the gold circle seats are too expensive, I would skip the field level seats totally and look at the lower level premium tickets (specifically 111-114 or 133-136).

The field level and gold circle seats are by no means the most comfortable or spacious seats. They are actually very tight and the seats are all attached together via string ties. I learned this from attending the CMA Music Festival several times: You can simply (but physically) break the zip ties. This will make it easier to get in and out of the rows, and quite frankly makes everything more comfortable.

Determined by seat quality (location, view) as well as ticket price, you can find Ranked CMA Fan Fest Tickets here.

My Personal CMA Experience (2015)

Every year that I go to the CMA Music Festival, I attend with a group of 8 people. We have 4 seats in the 10th row of section E (the most right floor section) and 4 seats in row 20 of section D.

It’s actually a toss-up between which seats are better. Section D obviously has a better direct view of the stage, but the 10th row of E is closer to the stage.

There are pros and cons between these two different types of seats and I’m going to break them down below on a general series of considerations when one is looking to buy tickets.

Center section seats (the pros):
1. Always a good angle of the stage (regardless the bands set up or their movement on the stage)
2. Great views of the monitor (and even if you are in the 20th row, you’ll inevitable look at them)

Center section seats (the cons):
1. The prices are premium. 4-Day passes for the CMA Festival in these sections are around 900 to 1000 dollars. Passes in this section for, let’s say Friday, are going for around 700.

Side Section pros:
1. Closer to the stage
2. When the band is playing towards one side, you get exceptional views and experiences
3. Cheaper ticket prices

Side Section cons:
1. Depending on how far off to the side you are, the angles can be steep and uncomfortable (the angles for the gold circle are never too extreme, but sections 111, 211 & 311 will be)
2. Ability to see the large monitors may be hampered by the angle 

Things To Do in Nashville

Besides being the Country Music capitol of the world, Nashville has an extensive culinary and arts history that is just waiting to be explored. Why not turn the weekend into a weeklong vacay to dive into everything Nashville has to offer? Here are just a few Things to Do in Nashville.

Food: The Nashville hot chicken craze continues to draw long lines at bonafide gems such as Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack and Bolton’s Spicy Chicken and FishLending to the Southern tradition of meat and threes, Nashville offers Arnold’s Country Kitchen and Dandgure’s Classic Southern Cooking.

“The Music City”: Mississippi Delta blues, Kentucky bluegrass, Southern gospel hymns, Nashville is made of it all. Music Row will have a lot of your old record studio-turned-museums, print shops, radio stations. A great place to find and take a tour. The historic Grand Ole Opry offers both concerts and tours to observe the magic behind the storied venue. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is also a must-see, the theater alone worth a visit.

Outdoor Recreation: You can take a scenic walk around Radnor Lake, or any of the other hikes Nashville has to offer. Still haven’t gotten your music fill? During the warmer months, Centennial Park offers live music outdoors—usually family friendly.

How to Get Cheaper CMA Fest Tickets

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If you have a question regarding the Nissan Stadium seating Chart, leave it in the comments below and we’ll be sure to answer!

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