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Baseball season is upon us, and with the rise of Instagram has also come an increase in exposure to all of the delicious and weird ballpark foods that are available throughout Major League Baseball stadium.  Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, is no exception to this, and they’ve really stepped up their game in recent seasons to accommodate not just baseball fans, but foodies alike who are looking to enjoy their meals at the game more than ever before.

Read below in order to find the best food at Coors Field. In the meantime, if you’re looking for general seating information on the stadium, be sure to check out our informative Colorado Rockies Seating Chart Blog.

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Best Food at Coors Field

You’ll find plenty of good eats at Coors Field, from the garden variety hamburgers and hot dogs, to the not-so-garden-variety dogs at Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs at section 107 and 331, where you’ll find interesting (if not exotic) meats like the Elk Jalapeno Cheddar dog, or the Reindeer Sausage Dog on the menu. They even have vegetarian options like their Vegan Dog, and allow for you to soup them up with Sonoran toppings like beans, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, mustard & mayo.

There are a few notable barbecue options at Coors Field, and for those who are a fan of smoked meats can choose between The Smokehouse for BBQ (located on the main concourse around the left field corner) for a sitdown spot with a bevy of options ranging from mac ‘n cheese, brisket, burnt ends, sausage, and more, or you can grab Famous Dave’s (our personal favorite) at Section 149, where you can grab their solid spare ribs and their excellent Devil’s Spit brisket, topped with melted pepper jack cheese and jalapeno bacon, as pictured below.

Our Favorite Food at Coors Field

To start things off, we’ll highlight some of the fan favorites for Rockies fans who have the luxury of attending multiple games each season, but still hit up the same reliable spots for ballpark fare that’s become synonymous with the stadium.

While they may be basic, the chicken tenders and fries at Tenders, Love, and Chicken (pictured below) in the Wazee Market at Section 137 are done right, and for picky eaters looking for something simple and delicious, this is your best bet.

Another notable vendor located at Sextions 115, 133, 311, and 330 are Denver Cheese Steaks, who give Tony Luke’s at Philly’s Citizens Bank Park a run for their money.

A hyper-local fan favorite are the Shishito Peppers with Green Chili Queso at The Rooftop at Section 306.

The Most Unique Food at Coors Field

This one isn’t really a contest, with the Rocky Mountain Po’boy, loaded with garlic slaw, green chili ranch, pico de gallo, guacamole, and cojita cheese from Rocky Mountain Oysters in Section 137 taking the crown. Those unfamiliar with the local delicacy can see what a rocky mountain oyster really is here, and they have enough of a demand in Denver to be one of the more popular – albeit pretty weird – food choices for fans at Coors Field this season.

The Best Dessert at Coors Field

The food purveyors at Coors Field have got dessert options covered in spades, from the “Tournadough” funnel cake from the Fair Territory of the 300s level, to Cookie & Creamery in Section 119, which offers a variety of cookies (chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin) and ice cream flavors to allow fans to create their own cookiewich for a delicious and filling sweet treat. There’s a self-serve ice cream stand among various other ice cream locations to satisfy fans on a hot day, as well.

Berrie Kabobs from The Original Berrie Kabobs in Section 132 offer fresh strawberry & bananas, frozen cheesecake, or strawberries & brownie bites dipped into your choice of white or milk chocolate.

Dietary Restrictions & Vegetarian Food Options at Coors Field

If you’re looking for vegetarian options at Coors Field, there are vegetarian and vegan items available at Infield Greens Salad at Section 120, 137 at Wazee Market, and the Mountain Ranch, the Gluten Friendly Cart at Section 143, which has selections ranging from food (chicken sandwiches, veggie quesadillas) to drinks (gluten free beer and ciders), to dessert, and Salad Wraps at Section 120.

Where to Drink at Coors Field

As should be the case for any ballpark sponsored by a major beverage distributor, Coors Field has plenty of beautiful areas at which you can enjoy a drink while taking in a ballgame while being surrounded by some excellent views.

If you’re looking for craft beers, check out The SandLot Brewery, Major League Baseball’s first ballpark brewery.which is an indoor bar and sit-down restaurant located at Section 112.

For a great spot to hangout and enjoy great views from the stadium’s new rooftop, head to the Captain Morgan Captain’s Deck or Coors Light Silver Bullet Bar for a full bar that includes liquor offerings.

If you’re a fan of IPAs, Hop Valley near near the left field foul pole on the first level has some of the best beers  that you can get from a standalone vendor at Coors.

Can I Bring Food or Drinks into Coors Field?

Per Coors Field policy, fans are allowed to bring food into the stadium for “individual consumption” and may bring clear, sealed plastic bottles of water 1 liter or smaller, in addition to sealed small, single-serve soft-sided beverage containers such as milk cartons or juice boxes. No cans, glass or aluminum bottles, or thermoses are permitted in the stadium, but soft-sided bags or containers of 16″ x 16″ x 8″ or smaller are allowed.

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