Daft Punk Rumored to Tour in 2017

Early February, Daft Punk announced a pop-up shop in Los Angeles that sparked rumors as to what they’ve got up their sleeves and beneath their helmets. Though the musicians were nowhere to be seen at the pop-up shop premise on Melrose Ave, the store was occupied by several fully dressed robots that mimicked the classic Daft Punk attire. The store was a hit, and though t-shirts sold for $150 dollars, it attracted several hundreds of fans over the course of Grammy weekend.

Daft PunkBut the hype didn’t end mid-February. When Beyonce announced that she wouldn’t be headlining this year’s Coachella festival, rumors starting flying. Daft Punk was among the names that were thrown around as Beyonce’s replacement. And while it has been recently confirmed that Lady Gaga will serve in Queen Bey’s spot as headliner, the Daft Punk hype wasn’t random wishful thinking. According to an article by Playboy, the French duo is planning to tour extensively in 2017. The article states, “An anonymous source working on Daft Punk’s production has confirmed to Playboy that the Robots are planning a major—and we do mean major—tour this spring.”

Though Playboy was wrong in thinking that Daft Punk would be replacing Beyonce at Coachella, this anonymous source’s information is still worth considering, as it points to a major tour, not just a music festival performance. This would be nearly the thousandth Daft Punk tour rumor since the release of Random Access Memories, an album which they never supported with a string of live shows. But since this source allegedly works for Daft Punk’s production company Daft Arts, we are trying to remain hopeful there’s some truth in what they’ve relayed onto Playboy. 

Daft PunkThis news comes on the heels of Daft Punk’s incredible Grammy performance with The Weeknd, so it makes sense that they would be announcing a tour now after experiencing the fan excitement for the long awaited return to the stage. Maybe they just needed a reminder of how relevant they still are, as fans are still reeling from the masterpiece of Random Access memories. Not to mention their incredible work with The Weeknd in the making of Starboy. Or maybe this was their plan all along. To dip out of the spotlight after dropping what will likely go down as their best album to date and make fans wait until they could pull off a tour that is appropriately epic.

Either way, we hope to see these rumors either settle down or transform into the truth, as we would love to see Daft Punk tour in 2017. Check back for updates, and until then, relive one of their incredible performances below!

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