Where Can I Find Detailed Seating Charts For Specific Venues

Detailed Seating Chart for a Venue If you are looking for detailed seating charts for a specific venue with row & seat numbers, as well as 3d views then you have come to the right place.

TickPick provides fans and event goers with one of the largest databases of seating charts with section and row numbers for every venue. This is just one of the many features that our no service fee ticket site offers.

Use the “Search TickPick’s Blog” (on the right hand panel) to find the detailed seating chart for the venue you are interested in. If a full review is not written then you can just check out our database of detailed interactive seating charts.

Here’s an example below: Palace of Auburn Hills Seating Chart

When viewing the interactive seating maps you can see the section and row details by hovering over the section. For example, a section that starts with row A and ends with row Z, will be shown as A-Z. If the row details are more complex, for example, it starts with row AA, goes to row CC, then row A and ends with row Z, it will be shown as: AA-CC, A-Z.

One goal that TickPick is trying to accomplish is to become one of the industry leaders in providing insightful and detailed reviews of seating charts with insider tips on where to sit and where not to sit at specific events. That’s in addition to aggregating all the detailed seating chart information for a venue, including but not limited to: the best seats, the worst seats, tips on saving money and links to additional interactive seating charts, 3d views and pictures from the venues. 

Below is a list of the most viewed Seating Chart Reviews:


If you didn’t see the seating chart you are looking for above check the TickPick database. In addition, another great resource for 3d seating charts, is IO Media, who is the maker of 3d seating charts for more than 30 professional sports teams.

If you can’t find the detailed seating chart of the venue you are interested in, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to create a seating chart review just for you.

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