Welcome to our Detroit Pistons Seating Chart page. Here you will find everything you need to know about going to a Pistons game at the Little Caesars Arena, including row & seat numbers, seat views, best seats for Pistons games and much more. While you’re at it, check out our Cheap Detroit Pistons Tickets.

Detroit Pistons Seating Chart with Seat Views

Scroll over each section for seat view and row numbers!

Little Caesars Arena Seat Numbers

The Little Caesars Arena follows the standard layout for venues, this means that seat number 1 is always closer to the lower section number next to it. For example, seat 1 in section 102 is on the aisle next to section 101, and seat number 18 in section 102 is on the aisle next to section 103. Sections 102, 112, 115 and 125 have 20 seats in rows AA to B (so the first 8 rows), after that these sections have 18 seats per a row. Sections 101, 113-114, and 126 have between 18 and 20 seats per a row, (above row K there’s only 18 seats per a row). In the 200 sections each row has between 15 and 27 seats, although most rows have 20 seats. Each section in the 200’s has 8 to 12 rows, with most having 11 or 12 rows.

100 Level Seating at the Little Caesars Arena

The lower bowl at the Little Caesars Arena is marked as the 100 section. The ideal location is to be as close to the center court as possible, no matter what venue you are at. An important piece of information to note when searching for tickets in the 100 level is that there is a large break between row J and K. Between these rows lies the 100 level suites, which leaves row K about 5 rows higher than it would normally be.

Premium Seating for the Detroit Pistons

The Little Caesars Arena suites are called the Caesars Windsor Suites, and are located on 4 different levels totaling 190 different suites. The suites come complete with refrigerator, flat-screen television, and food service counter. Be sure to stop by the Palace Grill on the club level before or after a Pistons game or concert. For more information on Premium seating, check out the official Pistons site.

Best Seats for Detroit Pistons

The Best Seats for a Detroit Pistons game are located in sections 108-110 and 121-123. The sections are the closest to center court, which where you would want to sit for any basketball game regardless of the venue. If you are interested in the full VIP experience, the lettered sections along the court offer the closest seats for any Pistons game. For more information on Pistons VIP contact TickPick directly for additional details.

Where is the Pistons Bench Located?

The Detroit Pistons Bench is located in front of section 120, and the visitors bench is located in front of section 124.

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