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The Detroit Red Wings have announced the development of a new $450 million arena for the Red Wings to call home by 2017. This means your time to catch a game at the legendary Joe Louis Arena in down town Detroit is limited. Here you will find all the information necessary to find  The Best Red Wings Tickets to catch the team in action at this hallowed venue.

Joe Louis Arena Seating Chart



Seat Numbers

The seat numbers in Joe Louis Arena follow traditional arena seating patterns. Lower seat numbers are next to the adjacent section with a lower section number. For example seat 1 in section 108 is on the aisle next to section 107, while seat number 15 will be on the aisle next to section 109. The same holds true for the 200’s.

Premium Seats

The International Bancard Olympia Club is the premiere seating area at Joe Louis Arena. Tickets include a full service bar that is open before and after each game, creating the perfect environment to entertain your guests or clients. Additionally, The Comerica Bank Legends club, which is located on the concourse behind section 114, provides many amenities for its guests. These include two full service cash bars, an all inclusive buffet prior to game-time, and a dedicated personal Ticket Service Executive.


Best Seats

Sections 120-123 and 106-109 are the best to catch all the action for Red Wings games. However, it is important to note that unless you are sitting in the first row, the closest seats are not necessarily the best. The glass does not only obstruct views in rows 2-7, but it also distorts it, especially if play is happening on the far end. That is why when looking for seats in these sections we recommend taking seats in rows 8 and higher to ensure that you have an elevated vantage point over the glass. Joe Louis Arena is special in that all seats in the venue have a great view of the ice, including the upper balcony sections, which are not really that far from the ice. Some people even prefer these seats over the lower sections seeing that they are Cheap Tickets with a Great View.

Penalty Boxes

The Red Wings penalty box is located at the front end of section 107 while the Away Team penalty box is located at the front beginning of section 108. This means that the last seat of row 1 section 107 and the first seat of row 1 section 108 are located directly next to the penalty boxes, making these seats perfect for anyone willing to spend an extra dollar to get close to all the action. I personally do not recommend purchasing any seats directly around the penalty boxes, especially behind them! The two sheets of glass as well as the personnel and players in the penalty boxes will certainly get in the way of the game.

Red Wings Benches

The Red Wings bench is located in front of section 122 while the Visiting bench is located in front of section 121. This means the Red Wings will be shooting on the net in front of section 114 twice during a game, something important to note if you are looking at seats along either of the goal lines. As mentioned earlier we do not recommend sitting in any seats directly behind the benches as there will be a lot of player and personnel movement throughout the game, making it hard to see the entire sheet of ice.

Food and Beverage

Joe Louis Arena has your classic sporting event concessions such as burgers, hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, and popcorn. You can find a few special offerings such as Buffalo Wild Wings and The Hockeytown Grill in section 126. Meanwhile, the local favorite Little Caesars Pizza shops can be found scattered throughout the concourse.

If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, stop by section 112 for ice cream at Mike’s Inside Scoop, offering your favorite soft-serve, frozen yogurt, and sundaes.

Joe Louis Arena offers a selection of draft and bottled beers, including Molson Canadian, Guinness, Bell’s, and Leinenkugels. Additionally, there are two bars located between sections 110-112 which serve liquor, mixed drinks, and wine.

Parking and Directions

The Joe Louis Arena Parking Garage is located at 900 W. Jefferson Ave. The garage is opened 2 hours prior and 2 hours post game and costs $20 to park.

Joe Louis Arena: 19 Steve Yzerman Dr, Detroit, MI 48226

Have any questions regarding Joe Louis Arena? Ask them in the comments below and we will be sure to answer. In the mean time check out all of Joe Louis Arena Events taking place this season.

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