New Ellie Goulding & Zedd Tracks from Divergent Soundtrack- Listen Here, Plus Kendrick, Tame Impala, and More

Divergent hits theaters on March 21, and it is predicted to be one of the biggest blockbuster movies of the spring. One of the most buzzworthy elements of the film is the soundtrack, and we’re here to tell you just a few reasons why.

Ellie Goulding provides the “musical voice” for the main character, and so she has a handful of songs on the soundtrack album.

“For me, the movie is about a young woman finding herself, transforming herself and becoming powerful on a societal stage,” says the film’s director Neil Burger. “It’s an intimate, personal portrait, but on a grand scale. Ellie’s music has that very intimate quality. You are in the heart of her characters, in their souls, in their minds. When she sings her voice resonates inside you. Her music was a perfect way to do all that for Tris—to feel what she was feeling inside.”

Goulding has offered three songs to the film, but also wrote a brand new song specifically for Divergent.  It’s called “Beating Heart,” and it’s pretty killer if you ask our opinion.


“In the last scene of the movie, Tris has just experienced multiple tragedies, even as she triumphs (for the moment) over her enemies,” says Burger. “Ellie wrote ‘Beating Heart’ and we knew it’d be perfect for the end of the movie. Her lyrics almost merge with Tris’ voice-over and her music lets the movie soar above the tragedy. The sadness is still there but so is the transcendence. It’s a fantastic song.”

While we can’t see that whole scene play out until March 21st, we can listen to Ellie Goulding’s “Beating Heart,” which you can check out just below. Ellie Goulding also did a pretty cool cover of a James Blake song recently.

Also new from the soundtrack is a track from Zedd, “Find You,” featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant. Check it below.

Another notable track is “Backwards” a collaboration between Tame Impala and Kendrick Lamar. The song is a re-work of Tame Impala’s hit ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ with Kendrick on vocals. It hasn’t dropped yet, but coming soon and we’ll let you know as soon as it leaks.

Here’s a tracklisting of the soundtrack album as a whole:
Divergent: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
“Find You” — Zedd featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant
“Beating Heart” — Ellie Goulding
“Fight For You” — Pia Mia featuring Chance The Rapper
“Hanging On” (I See MONSTAS Remix) — Ellie Goulding
“I Won’t Let You Go” — Snow Patrol
“Run Boy Run” — Woodkid
“Backwards” —Tame Impala and Kendrick Lamar
“I Need You” — M83
“In Distress” — A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein
“Lost And Found” (ODESZA Remix) — Pretty Lights
“Stranger” — Skrillex with KillaGraham from Milo & Otis and Sam Dew
“Dream Machines” — Big Deal
“Dead in the Water” — Ellie Goulding

Also included on Deluxe Edition:
“I Love You” — Woodkid
“Waiting Game” — Banks
“My Blood” — Ellie Goulding

Sounds amazing, no? We would have to agree. If you just can’t wait for the album release, you can reserve a deluxe edition here.

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