Ed Sheeran Will Release a New Album and Tour in 2017

It’s been a year since Ed Sheeran announced that he would be taking a gap year of sorts, an exile from the public so that he can travel the world and “see everything he missed” while extensively touring. A few months ago, it was revealed that Sheeran was hard at work on a new album, one he states to be his best work yet.

When Sheeran released a string of videos on Twitter, fans began to speculate if they were seeing a part of his upcoming album’s cover art, which seem to be the parts of a division symbol. The division symbol would be in line with his previous albums + (plus) and X (multiply), but we’re not quite sure. Sheeran captioned the videos with “6th January 5am GMT | midnight ET x”, presumably the date and time he’ll be releasing some new music. Check out the videos below.


At midnight Jan. 6, as promised, Ed Sheeran released two new songs off his forthcoming LP. The songs, “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You“, were met with overwhelming excitement, both from fans and fellow artists/admirer such as long time fan Taylor Swift. “Castle on the Hill” is a expansive, upbeat alt-pop track, where the songwriters lyrics are as outstanding as ever. “Shape of You”, a more mellow track set to a mid-tempo marimba sound, shows us that Sheeran has adopted some new influences, and we’re excited for the diversity he has prepared into this new record.

Ed Sheeran LiveFollowing the release of his new music, Sheeran took to BBC’s Radio 1 Breakfast for a performance and interview. In the interview, he told fans that they can expect to see his new record in 2017, in addition to promises of touring this year as well. According to the artist, the show has already been rehearsed, but will take some time to get going. Sheeran also advised fans to look out for a new music video, coming out soon. He also said that fans can expect most of the songs to be translated into the visual media platform. And it makes sense, considering Sheeran has been nominated multiple times for his music videos.

Though Ed Sheeran refused to give us an official release date, we’re excited and hopeful that the new record will be coming out soon, especially if there is a tour on the way to follow.

Check back for more information regarding Ed Sheeran’s upcoming album, tour, and more!

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