Everything We Know About Sam Smith’s Upcoming Album

It’s been three years since Sam Smith released his incredible solo debut In the Lonely Hour, a record which brought in six Grammy nominations for the 2015 awards, of which he won four, including ‘Best New Artist’, ‘Record of the Year’, and ‘Song of the Year’. It’s been a tumultuous few years for Sam Smith, who endured a vocal chord hemorrhage and consequently had to forfeit some tour dates and the momentum he would’ve otherwise enjoyed after sweeping at the Grammy awards.

Since the release of “Writing on the Wall”, the award-winning theme song for the 24th James Bond film Spectre, Sam Smith has primarily remained quiet regarding his new music. But this past Spring, Smith began opening up about his future plans, time in the recording studio, and more. As we near the end of Summer, we thought we would compile Everything We Know About Sam Smith’s Upcoming Album, slated to arrive in the Fall.

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Jimmy Napes has a hand in the new album.

This past June, Sam Smith posted a series of Instagram posts that point to the singer/songwriter clocking time in the recording studio. The photos include scenes of Smith, his band, and frequent collaborator Jimmy Napes, who co-wrote two award-winning songs with Smith, “Writing’s on the Wall” and “Stay With Me”. The nine photos show Sam Smith and co. getting some serious work done, each one captioned with “Recording x”.

Timbaland is involved in the production.

Back in April, famed producer Timbaland posted photos of the two of them on Instagram captioned “It was a pleasure working with this man”. On another post Timbaland’s team is huddled with Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes and the caption reads “we’re just getting started”.

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The album is dedicated to his family.

According to sources from the Daily Star, Smith is using the album to pay an ultimate tribute to his family, his parents Fred and Kate and sisters who’ve supported his dream from the very beginning. We can expect Sam Smith’s upcoming album to be a very personal record, much like In the Lonely Hour, but this time geared towards his family rather than past loves.

The album title is ‘TPH-50HR’.

Recently released photos show Sam Smith with ‘TPH-50HR” tattooed on his chest. It has been confirmed that this will serve as the title of Sam Smith’s sophomore album and is an acronym for the address of his childhood home: The Pink House – 50 Heydon Road. This backs the aforementioned detail, of Smith’s new album being a highly personal record dedicated to his supportive family.

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In addition to production from Jimmy Napes and Timbaland, other collaborators on Sam Smith’s upcoming album include Naughty Boy, Clean Bandit, and 2016 BRITs Critics’ Choice nominee Frances. According to Sam Smith’s Instagram, which features stills from “Filming – Day 1” and “Filming – Day 2”, we think it’s safe to say that a new music video or possible album trailer will be out soon, hopefully with a new single as well.

Check back for more updates regarding the British crooner’s new album TPH-50HR, possible tour dates, and more.

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