It’s been four years since psychedelic rock band Tame Impala dropped their seminal album Currents. In 2018, first word on the highly anticipated follow-up was spoken by frontman and Tame Impala brainchild Kevin Parker. He confirmed to Beats 1 anchor host Matt Wilkinson that he’d begun working on the new Tame Impala album, and that he had a large interest in performing some festivals leading up to the release.

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At the time, Parker assured fans that he would be very disappointed if the album hadn’t arrived by Summer 2019. And though fans did end up experiencing that period of disappointment with him, they can be assured that it was worth the extra few months of waiting because—finally—we have an official album release date for Tame Impala’s fourth studio record.

The new Tame Impala album will arrive Valentine’s Day, 2020. The album, titled The Slow Rush, will contain previously released singles “Borderline” and “It Might Be Time” (“Patience,” another track the band released earlier this year, is not currently listed on The Slow Rush‘s Apple Music track list). Check out “It Might Be Time,” which Tame Impala dropped soon after The Slow Rush announcement, below.

According to multiple sources, Kevin Parker recorded The Slow Rush between Los Angeles and his Fremantle, Australia hometown studio. In typical Tame Impala fashion, Kevin Parker recorded, produced, and mixed the entire album himself. The Slow Rush, according to the track list on Apple Music, will contain 12 songs in total.

In May, Parker elaborated on the forthcoming album’s influences and design. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Parker stated: “The way I’ve dabbled in influences in the past? I’ve been unafraid to go there all the way this time. To challenge what Tame Impala is in terms of how wide it can go…I’ve been embracing my love of weird Seventies stadium rock – like, epic Meat Loaf stuff.”

Though we’re not sure if these statements will hold up to the final product of The Slow Rush, they do seem to contain some truth when looking at this past year’s Tame Impala performances. Parker has mostly performed large festival settings, including the headlining slot at this past Coachella Music Festival and Primavera Sound—the latter of which made them the first Australian act to do so.

Who will be featured on the new Tame Impala album? So far, little is known as to who made the final 12-track cut. But we do know Kevin Parker has spent time with a number of famous musicians in the years leading up to The Slow Rush. SZA and Mark Ronson reportedly hit the studio with Parker, resulting in a number of have-yet-to-be-heard songs. Last year, Parker teamed up with electronic producer ZHU for a song called “My Life.” And in the hip-hop sphere, Parker was seen on the production and mixing credits for Travis Scott’s Astroworld.

Fans, you can expect to hear at least a few more singles from The Slow Rush before its arrival on February 14, 2020. Until then, enjoy “Borderline” and “It Might Be Time,” two stunning experimental tracks from the reigning guru of psychedelic rock.

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