Everything We Know About The New BTS Album

It’s official: BTS are taking a break from the public to retreat into the wilderness to recharge. It’s been two years since BTS took an “extended period of rest.” In 2019, the group took around a month off after the release of Map of the Soul: Persona, before they finished up their final “Speak Yourself” concerts for that year. Now, BTS are entering another period of relaxation, this time, ahead of a new album.

“BTS will be focusing on preparing for the concert and release of the new album that will mark the beginning of a ‘new chapter,” said the statement from BIGHIT MUSIC. “They are preparing for a concert this coming March to connect and communicate with the fans in-person in Seoul.”

Earlier in the statement, BIGHIT said this will be the first time since their debut that BTS takes off to spend time with their families during the holiday season. Indirectly, this statement tells us how long fans can expect BTS’ break to last. We think, considering how long the last BTS “extended period of rest” was, it’s safe to say this one will only last through the holidays—about a month.

Then, in 2022, we can expect big moves from BTS. Hopefully, we’ll see them reunite—and possibly perform—by mid-January. On Dec. 3 during a V Live, members Jungkook and RM revealed that the group’s next event will be the Grammys on Jan. 31, 2022.

Will BTS perform during the 64th Annual Grammy Awards?

Based on everything we know so far, we wouldn’t be surprised if BTS take the stage as performers during the 2022 Grammys. We are highly suspicious, especially considering BTS is nominated in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category. At the very least, BTS will be attending the event with the hopes of bringing home a few Grammys.

Hopefully, not too long after the awards ceremony, their adoring ARMY will have sights on a new BTS single.

This is the longest BTS has taken between albums, coming up on a year, but the group hasn’t been entirely silent since 2020’s BE. BTS continued to break records in 2021 with the chart-topping singles “Butter” and “Permission to Dance.

Will “Butter” or “Permission to Dance” be on the new BTS album? With the band, via BIGHIT, placing emphasis on a “new chapter,” we think “Butter” and “Permission to Dance,” along with all of their remixes, will remain standalone singles off the new BTS album.

How long have BTS been working on their new album? According to In the Soop, a reality-style program released by BTS’ label HYPE, the group members have been together, writing music, for months now. In November, an episode of In the Soop showed members Jungkook and SUGA working on new music together. Later in the same episode, they are joined by RM. “I want this to be a good performance song,” SUGA, the group’s built-in producer, said of the work-in-progress.

If BTS is already considering which songs, of their new album, will be best performed, we assume they are pretty far along with the material.

When will BTS release their new album? Not a single source has revealed the release date of BTS’ new album. But, considering they have a concert scheduled in March, we think it will be either next spring or summer before ARMY hears the new BTS album.

Of course, we expect a new BTS single much earlier. Hopefully, at the beginning of 2022.

What else do we know about the new BTS album? So far, little is known about what BTS are up to for their upcoming album. But we would like to remind fans of all the incredible artists who’ve shown interest in, or worked with, BTS the past few years: Megan Thee Stallion, Coldplay, Lizzo, David Guetta, Halsey, and so many more.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the new BTS album is packed with starry, pop collaborations. We have a feeling they are coming back in 2022 in a big way. We just have one last question to ask.

ARMY, are you ready?

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