Experience Firefly Music Festival: The Culture, The Woodlands, The Stages

The Complete Guide to Firefly Music Festival


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Experience Firefly Music Festival: The Culture, The Woodlands, The Stages

The camping, the new friends, the music, the craziness, the weird outfits, the mud, the sun, the sweat – these are all part of the music festival experience. And Firefly is no different. They’ve set up The Woodlands for you to have a great time, get rowdy, meet people, and enjoy some amazing performances. Here are a few things you can expect from your Firefly festival experience…


The Culture

It’s about good times, good vibes, and good music. Over the years, the folks at Firefly have tried to create a culture of community, fun, exploration, and respect – they’ve even got a Firefly Pact.

To get a feel for the overall vibe and experience, just check out their quick 2017 Weekend Recap Video.

No one is taking themselves too seriously here. The creators of the festival said they modeled the theme of the event after a carefree summer afternoon hanging out with friends. So that’s exactly what it feels like. (And if you want to read something hilarious, check out this thread about fans’ morning routines at Firefly. These are the sort of festivalgoers you’re dealing with.) Actually, the whole Firefly subreddit makes for good preparatory reading material. Just take the over-enthusiastic fans with a grain of salt.

One thing is for sure though. If you want to, you’re guaranteed to make friends here.


The Woodlands

Firefly Music Festival has done an incredible job designing the grounds around The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway, weaving in nature every step of the way. When you’re not watching amazing performances on one of the many stages, this festival is about chilling in a hammock surrounded by trees in The Nook, sipping coffee at their unique Coffee House where you’ll find an intimate music venue, or having a beer made just for Firefly at The Brewery, the on-site craft beer bar. It’s like you’re a citizen of the world’s hippest, happiest little village for the weekend!

You can literally show up solo to the festival, set up camp, and meet a new crowd through their Super Group option. You can play games and challenge each other to team sports on the North Campgrounds. You can join in on dance parties in The Thicket where they’ve got a stream of live DJs and headphones. This place is built for socializing.


If you want to buy a few souvenirs or handmade trinkets, check out The Market for things you can only get at Firefly. And at night, be sure to stroll through The Pathway, a forest clearing lit up with spectacular lighting displays that’ll make you feel the magic of The Woodlands (not to mention it makes for photos that are guaranteed induce Instagram envy). Whatever you do, be sure to explore all areas of Firefly, because beyond the camping and music, they’ve created so much stuff for your entertainment!

And if you want to check out a little behind-the-scenes action, here’s a video of the making of the first Firefly. You can see just how much planning went into every little detail! Arcade games, ping pong tables? They thought of everything.


The Stages

There are several different stages at Firefly – in the past, there have been as many as seven! – each with their own aesthetic and feel. And don’t forget, there are going to be lots of simultaneous performances (because there are like 90,000 fans after all). That means you and your crew will have to pick and choose which artists are a must-see and plan accordingly. Or you could always strike off on your own!

There’s the Backyard Stage which everybody loves – many former festivalgoers rank it as their favorite because of the great sound and tons of room. The Firefly Main Stage is where you’ll see the headliners, while the Treehouse is where you’ll find acoustic performances from new artists – referred to as “Treehouse Session” – while surrounded by nature. At the iconic Lawn Stage, you can just chill on a blanket in the grass with friends while you listen to live jams, and the Pavilion feels like a full-day rave with constant light shows and great sound. The Porch Stage is a more intimate venue, and years back, there was also a Forest Stage that folks loved.


Check back here to see a complete map of the festival and all the stages when it gets closer to June!

Remember to always budget a little extra time when making out your daily schedule. According to festival pros, hanging with friends at the campsite, getting ready, and pre-show drinking games will always take up more time than you expected. But isn’t that the beauty of the festival experience?

What’s your favorite part about the Firefly Music Festival experience?

If you haven’t gotten your weekend passes to Firefly yet, get them here. Or see what TickPick has for sale. We’re the Official Ticket Marketplace of Firefly Music Festival!

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